11-11-11: Sustaining the State of Love!

11-11-11 is a very special day! It provides a unique and powerful opportunity that we will experience only once in our lifetime! It is a day to welcome Light and to celebrate!

The Councils of Light have told us in many forms that we have been in the midst of a historical renaissance, a Turning of the Ages. The light of this time has a spectacular quality of supreme and magnificent healing potential for humanity, for ascended beings, and for our beautiful Earth. As a portal for Unity Consciousness and the Ascension codes for the New Celestial Earth, 11-11-11 is the day for light carriers, visionaries, and earth code workers to come together to experience alignment infusions from The Councils of Light, our galactic allies and Masters of Love! The new energetics will amaze you, elevating your frequency and your consciousness. The time of preparation is rapidly coming to a close. We have engaged in healing ourselves and assisted others in the healing process through New Age metaphysics and the emergence of so many harmonic healing techniques blossomed over recent decades. We have learned how to be vision holders for a better future, and how to support our brothers and sisters in their desire to live free and sovereign lives on this earth. To further prepare, to move yourself into fast-forward in preparation for 11-11-11's ascension codes, take a few important moments to reflect on your life situation. Focus on your vision for the present day, and then for the future. And ask yourself, "Am I living the vision I desire?" "Am I sacrificing myself to a role, or am I willing to commit to stepping out of the shadows and be part of the change toward unity?" How is it that you can, as Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" more deeply, more completely? What will it take for you to live a life of the Heart, to "Sustain the state of Love," as The Council sings with the glory of their Hope that we will be the wayshowers who will hold the Light so that future generations, generations that are coming with the Unity Vision in tact, can take their place as leaders of impeccable integrity, living Masters of Love, Enlightenment, and Oneness. We have been in a transitional time, but soon the New Time begins. This is a time of truly co-creating Oneness, Harmony, and Love. In just a few days, we will arrive at the day when the Masters of Love, The Councils of Light, will connect with us in such a direct communion that we will surely be awash with Joy from their infusions of these Light and Creation Ascension codes. We will surely feel the power of aligning with the visions of all who will come together on this day to stand together to herald the dissolution of duality. We will surely feel the Love of the unity vibrating across the planet as we hold hands in ceremonial celebration of the New Celestial Earth, birthing multi-dimensional creational potential in alignment with the sacred and divine in all of us! Join us in this magnificent doorway to delight with our galactic and multi-dimensional allies, The Councils of Light! Experience this day with Love!

Written by Bonnie Sparling Bonnie http://www.councilsoflight.com 

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