A Great Start to 2009!

With the beginning of a New Year comes the longing to make positive, constructive and lasting changes. January is a great month to focus on your goals and desires and set a positive intention to create the bliss you deserve.

In Numerology, 2009 is a year of commitment, truth and mastery. The challenges that may be presented to you will force you to examine your life closely and honestly. Relationships, careers, finances or any area of your life which may no longer be filling your personal life purpose may be questioned and/or released. The cosmic energies will support those who wish to make big changes. It is important that you make a solid commitment to your personal goals and that you follow through with integrity. With commitment, honesty and love all things are possible!

I hope you will find the DIY New Year’s Blessing Ceremony  that follows helpful and inspiring. May it help you to let go of old, restricting patterns from the past and let more love, light and laughter flow into your life. The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. 

New Year's Blessing Ceremony

Materials: candle, an object that would create a beautiful sound i.e. bell, singing bowl, crystal glass with knife, Rose bud and your favorite music.

Select your favorite spot in your home, yard or any special location for your New Year's Blessing Ceremony. This is for you to feel anew.  

Opening Put your favorite music on and allow the music to center and ground you. When you are ready create a single sound to declare the opening of the ceremony.  

Candle Lighting Light your candle. The lighting of the candle reminds us of our light within. Close your eyes and focus on the beautiful, strong light that you are. Feel the love within and when you are ready, state the New Year's Blessing Prayer.  

New Year's Blessing Prayer of Growth and Gratitude For the New Year: I center myself knowing that I am a child of God. I am peace, love and joy. This year I begin anew, and blossom into the child I am, expanding God's love to all I meet. I release all judgments and restrictions to the love I am and share. I thank you Father for the love you share with me in my brothers. From this day forward of 2009 I begin my new journey in love. I bless my brothers before me. Amen  

Rose Ceremony The Rose signifies our expanding love, as we open to the love within we are able to share with our brothers. Place Rose in vase. For each day the Rose blossoms repeat this prayer as a reminder to expand in love. I am opening to the love I am. Love flows through me out to the world in gratitude and Oneness. Close your eyes repeat the prayer as many times as you like and feel the power of these words.

When you are ready open your eyes for the closing.  

Closing Blow out your candle with these words I choose to remember my love and light; I bless this New Year and go forth in Love knowing I am Love. Amen.  

DIY New Year Blessing contributed by: Nancy Miiller

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