"Angels are speaking to all of us….some of us are listening better."         

The Angel of Sweetness reminds you of the importance of allowing the goodness of life to flow easily and effortlessly into your daily routine. Take a moment and breathe in all the sweetness that surrounds you. Good friends, sunshine, your pet dog or cat, beautiful scenery, the laughter of a child are all wonderful reminders of the sweet joys of life.

The Angel of Sweetness can be a great companion when you invite her into your life. She can assist you in creating a charming life filled with kindness, integrity and bliss. Her message to you is to rise above the mundane, let you spirit soar as you feel the sweet and tender touch of Angel wings lifting you up to the higher realms where harmony and kindheartedness reign. Ask the Angels to come into your heart today and to fill your day with delight.


The Angels thank you for your sweetness. Know that you are truly and completely loved for all that you are.

 Be sweet to yourself and dream a sweet dream of serenity and peace. You can make this a reality – trust the Angels to deliver this to you. Know that you are loved.

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