ANGELS OF LEO       The Lion     July 23– August 22         The Ruler 

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and people born under this sun sign tend to be warmhearted, self-confident, independent, kind and generous. Leo’s have a strong need to express themselves through organizing their activities. They also like to involve themselves in organizing other people as well. They are born leaders and possess a tremendous amount of courage and drive.  Energetic Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Leo individual often has a sunny and bright disposition. They love being the center of attention and their magnetic personality often makes them irresistible. The creative and playful Leo personality is best suited to a career which allows their expansive nature to develop and explore new possibilities.  Leo’s is especially drawn to the arts and to any form of creative expression. They are constantly seeking pleasure and enjoyment. 

Career’s that best suit the strong and dignified Leo are Politics, law, business, entertainment, music, or any career where they can  climb to the top of an organization or expand their visions. They also have the potential to become movie stars or leaders in creating and developing new technologies. Leonians have warm, loving hearts and are concerned about the welfare of others. They hold idealistic values and they have a strong desire to make the world a better place for future generations.  

Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire

Colors: Orange, Gold and Yellow

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Stones and Crystals: Yellow Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Ruby, Amber, Sun Stone

Compatibility: Scorpio, Capricorn, Other Leo’s, Gemini  

The Angels of Leo: Sagham and Seratiel. The Angels of Leo are profoundly passionate, optimistic, elaborate and loyal. They are attracted to people who have an exuberant love for life and are big-hearted and charitable. Leo Angels applaud those who engage in random acts of kindness and service to others. These cheerful Angels will gladly assist anyone who calls on them. The Angels of Leo infuse every situation with positive, upbeat and happy energy. Call on these Angels to bring more enjoyment and satisfaction into your life, whether it be a relationship, career or health issues, these warm and caring Angels will cradle you and show you the path to follow to obtain ultimate fulfillment and joy in your life. If you are born under the sun sign of Leo, you will have a special connection with these big-hearted Angels. They will watch over you and inspire you to move in the direction of your deepest desires. These Angels can teach you to live from your heart and live fully in the present moment with enthusiasm and cheer. They offer comfort, support and encouragement to anyone who asks them to enter their life. The Angels of Leo can help you live large and live passionately and ardently in each and every moment.   Reassurance, imagination, gratification, delight, bliss, festivity and pleasure are in the sphere of the Leo Angels.  

INVOCATION AND MEDITATION: Take a few deep breaths and imagine that you are sitting on a mountain top at sunset. The sky is a magnificent shade of orange and pink. It is so peaceful and calm and you are enjoying your time alone. You have made your way here to spend 21 days in quiet contemplation. In your seeking you have come to this sacred mountain to connect with the Angels of Leo. You have been here before and you know that these amazing Angels fill your heat with love and faith. Spending this time in solitude helps you to stay focused on your path; it energizes your dreams and helps you to take the necessary action. Over the years of seeking, you have realized the gift and the blessings of being of service to others. You know deep in your heart that this is the secret to life.

As you spend this sacred time here, you feel deeply connected with the Angels and the Oneness of all life. The sun has set and night falls, you make your way to your cabin where it is warm and cozy. A log fire is burning and the air is filled with the wonderful fragrance of rosemary and juniper. This is your sacred mountain cabin and where you go to connect with the Angels of Leo. It’s a calming, nurturing as well as an empowering experience to connect with the benevolent Angels of Leo. The Angels of Leo move towards you and wrap you in their large wings. Here in this moment, you feel at peace knowing that your life is divinely guided. You also understand and know that you are never alone; you always have the Angels walking beside you.  All is well and you feel such joy and gratitude in your heart.

This is a pivotal time for you as you are preparing for a compelling message and vision from the Angels.  You have realized repeating patterns in your life and you are ready to hand these over to the Angels for healing. Some of these patterns you have been holding onto for a long time and you realize that they no longer serve your highest good. They have outlived their purpose in your life. It is time to move beyond your perceived limitations and to embrace life with passion and enthusiasm. The Angels of Leo lovingly show you the truth of the situation and with their help you easily and effortlessly release the burdens of the past. You are free and your heart is filled with joy! You know that you have received a divine healing.

As you prepare to leave your cabin and your sacred mountain, you feel so connected to the Angels. You know you can make a difference! The message from the Angels of Leo is to live each day fully with enthusiasm as you immerse yourself wholeheartedly in each activity of the day. The miracle occurs in each and every moment, pay attention! Thank you Angels of Leo! You know you can return to this wonderful place anytime you choose. ALL IS WELL – you are lovingly guided by the Angels.  

Some Famous Leo’s: Napolean, Bonaparte, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Martin Sheen, Carl Jung, Mick Jagger, Jackie Onaissis  

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   "Angels appreciate things about you that you thought no one else ever noticed."    – Anonymous

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