Archangel Michael and the Angels of the Blue Ray

The world of Angels is a world of LOVE. Angelic beings are here to protect, nurture and guide humanity. Angels work mainly on the Astral plane but once we open our hearts to them, we can feel their presence around us all the time.

Beyond the Angels are the Beings we call the Archangels. The Archangels tend to the larger arenas of human endeavor. The Seven Archangels most closely connected with helping us on Earth and with the evolution of the planet are:

Archangel Micheal
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Michael is probably the most powerful, notorious and revered angel in history, scripture and art. He is the master of all angels, a glorious warrior spirit. His name means “Who is like God” and he’s also called The Prince of Light. He is very large and holds a sword.

Michael, like all Angels is able to embody the pure form of God’s energy. He is very close to our consciousness at this time as mankind is evolving to higher levels of awareness.

Archangel Michael is a mighty Warrior of light, love and protection. A spiritual body-guard who can be called on in times of distress, fear and negativity. He is a peace-maker, and will bring Truth, Integrity and Power to all situations.

All we need to do is ask for his help. Angels honor the free-will of humans and will only intercede in our lives when we ask them to with a loving open heart. He is always ready with his host of blue lightning Angels to comfort us instantly.

Call upon the loving energy of Michael when:

You want to illuminate fear and negativity from your life.

He will shield and protect you against negative or psychic attack and astral debris that clings to our Energy fields.

Give us strength, determination and courage when we feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges.

He will help us go beyond our self-imposed blockages and clear our path of obstacles.

He calls us to speak our truth, re-claim our Power and live with purpose.

With his light you will feel more secure, confident and have renewed energy and Power.


The Archangels serve on the seven rays of spiritual light which correspond to the light focussed within the 7 chakras in Man.

Archangel Michael works on the first ray, the blue ray of strength and protection. The energy of this ray is most strongly felt on Tuesdays. The Angels of the first ray are associated with the throat chakra.

The etheric retreat of Archangel Michael is over Banff and Lake Louise in Canada. Here Michael (the masculine energy of Power) and his twin flame Archera Faith (the feminine energy to sustain and nurture the power) shine their love over the Earth from the Temple of Faith and Protection.


Protective shield of Love and Light

As you awaken each morning, spend a few moments with Archangel Michael. Ask him to protect you and guide you so that your actions will be in alignment with your higher purpose. Ask him to envelop you in a white protective light to shield you from any negative people or situations you may encounter as you go about your day. Finally, see yourself experiencing a day filled with love, light and laughter, knowing that Archangel Michael is protecting you.

Always remember to thank the Angels for their love, protection, comfort and guidance.

Cutting the Cords that Bind

Whenever you feel drained, over-anxious or tired after spending time with someone who is especially needy and a constant complainer, or whose life is always filled with turmoil, drama and dysfunction, ask Archangel Michael to come in and cut all negative etheric cords that are draining your energy and joy.

Most of the time these people (often close friends and family) are unaware that they might be draining your energy.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths

Relax and begin to let go of any tension in your body.

Ask Archangel Michael to please cut all negative etheric cords of fear that are draining your energy and vitality.

Visualize him cutting all the cords, feel the release and your energy returning.

Ask him to clear all fear and negativity and fill you with white light. Send this white light to the people or person who was sapping your energy and visualize them whole, happy and complete.

When you feel whole and healed, thank Archangel Michael

Gently become aware of your breathing again and feel yourself in your body back in the room. When you are ready open your eyes.

Know that you have received healing from the Angels and that their love and light shines on whoever you brought into the meditation with you.

Archangel Michael brings the gifts of Love, Faith, Protection and Motivation. He calls us to speak our truth and stand in our Power.

AFFIRMATION: I am strong and protected by Archangel Michael.

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