Bright Smile in Bocas

After spending a couple of tranquil days along the Caribbean coast, relaxing, meditating under tall palm trees and listening to the sound of the sea, we leave Puerto Viejo and cross the border into Panama. We make our way, first by bus (as we have to leave the rental car at the border), then by water taxi to the Bocas del Toro islands.

After settling into our B&B on the small tropical island of Carenero, we catch a water taxi to the main island, Isla Colon, which is the main entertainment hub in the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro. Gavin and I are impressed with the laid-back, non-commercial feel of the islands. We have a light evening meal at one of the water front restaurants, have a look around, decide to book a snorkeling trip for the following day,  and then we make our way to the water taxi dock.

While we wait, I notice a little boy sitting along side his Mom. She has a huge big bag of yellow onions.  What a delight this little boy is to observe!  Huge eyes, smiling and contented!  I smile back at him. He’s adorable!  As a typical tourist I want to take a photo of him. I offer him a fair energy exchange – a few dollars for 1 photo! He agrees – and smiles!

Boy with Onions 

I am overjoyed with my photo of him – he is overjoyed with the money.

Watching this little 4 year old, sitting on the dock, beside his Mother, with the big bag of onions, is the picture of happiness. His Mom did not interfere with his experience, she quietly observed her son – and allowed him to be in his bliss.

He was still happy, joyful and smiling 10 minutes later, as we all hopped onto the water taxi. Our B&B was the first stop. We watched their silhouette  from our balcony as they disappeared into the distance, with the pelicans flying overhead and the sun beginning to set, the image is tattooed in my mind. I said a silent thank-you from my heart, for the moment we had shared.

Delight is everything, for joy, happiness, laughter and light are the keys to enlightenment.
When you are happy, your Angels rejoice!


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