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Everyone Has Been Made For Some Particular Work

Learn to trust and follow your deep desires and inspirations, this will help you to fulfill your purpose on earth.

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Walking the Path of the Great Mystics with Caroline Myss

Defy Gravity – Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason "It is in our nature to defy gravity, to transcend the limitations of the reasoning mind and connect with an inner realm of mystical truth. We have always been on the … Continue reading

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The Five Reiki Principles Taught by Dr Usui

    Just for today, do not be angry Just for today, do not worry Just for today, be grateful Just for today, work hard Just for today, be kind to others   Dr Mikao Usui believed that in order … Continue reading

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Living Life Fully with Passion and Purpose – Learning to take Action!

  "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." ~Confucius My Mom always used to say as I left for school in the morning; "Remember to make the very most of your day!" … Continue reading

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Japanese Psychology and Purposeful Living

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful video. It offers a glimpse into the principle's of Japanese Psychology and the wonderful work done by the ToDo Institute. I believe it is a great compliment to any other Japanese healing art. 30 … Continue reading

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Finding Tranquility with Spiritual Meditation

 "Meditation helps you to grow your own intuitive faculty. It becomes very clear what is going to fulfill you, what is going to help you flower."  ~ Osho Everything will seem right with the world when your mind, body and … Continue reading

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The Magic of Intuition

"Faith is an oasis in the heart   which will never be reached   by the caravan of thinking"     ~ Kahlil Gibran What is intuition? Intuition is a wonderful ability we all are gifted with as human beings. It … Continue reading

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Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

I hope you will enjoy reading the article that follows. It is written by Diana Cooper, the well known Angel Lady. I first met Diana Cooper about 13 years ago when she was running Angel workshops in South Africa. She … Continue reading

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Creating Miracle’s

  How would you like every moment of every day to feel like one miracle happening after another? How would you like to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams without undue struggle or strain? It’s possible. It’s called living … Continue reading

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Your Psychic Inner Child

  Psychics provide a medium to explore the magical childhood world we often lose as adults. As we grow into adulthood our innocence, naiveté, and imagination become rigid and stodgy. Our perceptions of reality shift towards the norm, which is … Continue reading

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