One of my favorite places in South Africa is Umhlanga, a coastal town in KwaZulu Natal, just 15 km from Durban. I have enjoyed many wonderful and fun-filled vacations here and it is a place filled with many good memories. 

My Mother and I book into the Oyster Box hotel, on our trip back to South Africa. This is a gracious, colonial-style hotel, which offers a non-pretentious atmosphere, great food, and excellent service. The hotel is situated right on the beach and overlooks the famous landmark, the Umhlanga lighthouse. From our balcony, we have a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. 

The North coast of Natal is known as the Dolphin Coast. We enjoy many sightings of Dolphins. It is always such a joyous sight!! On the patio, there is a huge bell and a sign that reads: Ring the bell as soon as you spot Dolphins or Whales

Sitting on the patio overlooking the deep blue sea, we can feel the familiar feeling that lets us know the dolphins are near. Just at that moment we hear the bell ring and our waitress calls out excitedly, that the dolphins are swimming nearby! What a wonder! We watch them as the pod swims along in perfect harmony. It always amazes me how the energy shifts after people have sighted dolphins, to one of joy, laughter, and love. It’s as if a shift in consciousness occurs! 

Dolphins have great healing abilities and are able to connect with humans in a profound way. Dolphins expand our awareness, teaching us about living a life filled with love, play, togetherness, abundance and being connected spiritually. Dolphins are magnificent spiritual beings of light. They touch our heart center with a feeling of unconditional love; this is a very potent tool in opening our heart charka. 

There are numerous stories of dolphin interactions, which have lead to miraculous healings. Many people have reported that experiencing contact with these sentient beings has therapeutic effects. Dolphin interaction has reportedly helped a range of health conditions including autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, depression, migraine, cancer, high blood pressure and joint problems.

 Dolphins are bringing a profound gift to the human race, one that can help raise the consciousness of humanity. The healing the dolphins bring into our lives is centered in a heartfelt reality that only love is real. The rest is illusion. 

It is time for us to embrace the new age of love, tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance. Now is the time to heal our fears. It is time to wire into the Dolphin Consciousness!

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