House Purification

Our homes represent an extension to our physical bodies and souls. They mirror our intentions and unintegrated aspects. A crowded mind reflects in a crowded home; a person that had chosen to mentally and emotionally remain in the past, will store different objects and decorations which, instead of grounding and centering that person in the present, they will send the owner of the home back in time, spiraling into frustration and nostalgia.

How we mind our homes echoes how we mind our bodies and spirits. If you want to bring harmony to your home and make this space work for you and not against you, cleansing your house is a ritual that should become a habit. As you wash your body, prepare your food and quiet down your mind through meditation or physical activity, the same concept applies to your home once you commit to changing its vibration.

Here are six suggestions for a thorough purification:

  • Declutter your home. The energy in your house needs to circulate in order to welcome abundance and good fortune your way. Donate or throw away the items that you no longer use.

  • Keep your space clean. Use the elements: fresh air and sun, and bring them into your living space. Widen your space by choosing lightful colors.

  • Use White-sage leaves or Palo Santo sticks for a deep cleansing. Burn the herbs and the wood anytime you need to raise the vibration in your space. Both White-Sage and Palo Santo have been used by indigenous tribes to enter a state of peace and clarity.

  • On a regular basis use frankincense and holy water. Burn the incense mostly in your bed-room or working room, if you have a built-in office. You can sprinkle holy water on your pillows and cushions, on your walls and doors. Use your intuition when performing these rituals.

  • If you are drawn to meditation or healing music, you can use powerful mantras for house restoration and protection. You can use recorded songs or chants or simply create your own music.

  • You can also invite a Reiki Master, a priest, a monk or any kind of healer for that matter, and ask them to do a purification ceremony into your home.

When you want to improve your living space, keep in mind that you are the master of your world. With a little patience and intuition, you can create a home that feels like a temple. Most importantly, observe the feeling that you have the moment you return home. Is your home aligned with your desires and potential? And if not, what can you do to improve the condition of your house?

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