There seems to be many names for it.

Call it what you will: Positive Psychology, The Law of Vibration, The Power of Positive Thinking, Success Consciousness, The Law of Human Radiation, The Law of Magnetism, The Power of Thought, The Law of Expectations, Positive Attitude, The Law of Manifestation, the Law of Resonance or the Law of Attraction. They are all fundamentally the same.

You’ve heard about it many times before, it’s taken form in your life in many different ways. In fact your every day, your every moment of existence is a manifestation of these principles. In essence they mean – ”that which is likened unto itself is drawn” or in contemporary terms “like attracts like” or more poeticly “birds of a feather flock together”.

This idea is not new. This same theme recurs in all great metaphysical, philosophical and self-help material. It’s profound truth is timeless: Thought creates, and as you think, so you become. As you think, so you vibrate and attract similar vibrations. You manifest into your life that which you resonate with.

You can explain this all by delving into modern day Quantum Physics but that’s not really necessary – the concept is actually very simple. A dog is a dog because it has the properties of a dog. A tree is a tree because it resonates like a tree. A wealthy person resonates and vibrates like a wealthy person and attracts more wealth into their lives.

The question is “How can this simple Law be applied in our lives to achieve our aims and desires?” Well it’s being applied all the time. We just have to become conscious of how we are applying it in our lives. We have to become aware of our thoughts and vibrations from moment to moment. Observation and awareness is key. Once we start observing our thoughts and the feelings in our bodies and at the same time get clear about our Intentions we can start changing our vibrations. Then new vibrations will manifest in our lives. These new vibrations can take many forms from improved health, to money, to improved relationships, to peace and harmony or material possesions.

Simple hey? Yes. Definitely. But is it easy? Well, that’s just another vibration – do you want a difficult, strenuous, struggling vibration or do you choose an easy, flowing, effortless vibration? I can guess which one you’d choose intellectually but which one will you actually DO? Which vibration will you actually BE? If you follow your habitual patterns, your usual vibrations, then you will get whatever you’ve gotten previously. But if you are serious about real change, real transformation you’ll start to work on different thoughts, feelings and actions. You’ll start reaching for a higher vibration, a different, better vibration. And before you know it, new vibrations with new forms will start manifesting in your life. You’ll be using the Law of Attraction to consciously draw better things into your world.

Stay alert, awake and conscious and playfully keep stretching for that higher vibration.

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