Reiki Woven Into the Spiritual Fabric of Your Soul

A Reiki session is a wonderful and powerful experience; after receiving a session you truly feel much improved. It is a good standard for a practitioner to offer an hour treatment so that the client’s entire body can receive Reiki energy. On the other hand, I have had experiences which have yielded powerful results after giving or receiving Reiki for only a few minutes; intention is the driving force when sending Reiki. Each situation is different, and it is better to get Reiki for five minutes than not at all. Even with a very busy schedule, Reiki can be easily woven into the fabric of your life so that you effortlessly do Reiki throughout the day.

Many say they don’t find the time to practice Reiki. Others, who are professional Reiki practitioners, give Reiki to their clients, but don’t seem to find the time to receive Reiki. The more the better is my motto. So as you do Reiki frequently throughout the day, even though you haven’t set aside the time to do a traditional Reiki session, you have send quite a bit of Reiki energy.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can do this:

• As you wake up in the morning, take a moment to send Reiki to your day with the distant healing symbol and give yourself Reiki for a few minutes somewhere on your body as you wake up.

• When you have breakfast, or any meal, add Reiki to the food. Reiki energy penetrates at a cellular level so that the molecules of your food are receiving life force energy; thereby increasing the nourishment and pleasure you receive when you eat it.

• If you bring water with you, charge a small crystal with Reiki and place it in the bottle. You will be drinking Reiki crystal water all day.

• Reiki symbols around your car. I draw or visualize the Power Symbol 3 times while saying, “CKR, CKR, CKR bubble”. When I do this I sense a bubble, popping open like an umbrella, around my vehicle.

• Put crystals charged with Reiki in your car and place those photos on your Reiki crystal grid to keep the crystals charged and cleared all the time.

• A red traffic light is a signal that you have time to do Reiki!

• As I drive down the road I send Reiki to people driving badly, prisoners working on the roadside and the trees and birds I see along the way.

• If I am lucky enough to have time to take a walk in the park in the morning, I send Reiki to the trees, plants and animals I see there. I also send Reiki to the spirits of the ancestors of all who lived before me on the land. By now you might be thinking that I spend my whole life just walking around doing Reiki, but actually after awhile it just becomes quite natural and is done automatically, like breathing or blinking your eyes. Look how much Reiki I have done and I haven’t even made it to work yet.

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