During my Angel Readings, I was made aware of the need for stillness in our very busy lives. Here is a message reflecting on the nature of stillness as it relates to Angel Messages.

Come with me into the stillness and let your mind rest in the sanctuary of silence, peace, tranquility and stillness. This is the place where you can connect to your Soul, a place where harmony and fullness exist, a place of eternal consciousness. Here you are complete – whole, needing nothing.


Quiet the mind. Let go of all thoughts of the body and become aware. Allow yourself to settle into the silence, letting go of all thoughts and emotions as they arise. It is important to rest the mind, just as it is essential to allow the body to rest and regenerate itself.

In the stillness connect with your true essence, the fullness of who you truly are. This is a place of no worries and no concerns. Just enjoy the awareness that you are this state of wholeness. This is your true identity. Winter is a time of stillness, a time to rest and reflect. It is a time to appreciate all that you have become and appreciate all that you are becoming. It is a time to shift your awareness and connect with your true essence.  With this sense of connection and oneness, you will feel a sense of joy and experience feelings of gratitude and be able to look at your life from a new and refreshing perspective. With this perspective you can redefine your experiences with people, with life and your experiences with yourself and see who you truly are as Spirit. In the stillness you will feel a connection to Spirit and know you are exactly who you are meant to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing at this time!

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