The Secret Science of Numerology

Numerology is the ancient secret science and psychology of numbers. Before the language of words, the language of numbers existed. The caveman would count the number of times the sun came up and therefore understand what a day meant.

Counting evolved into drawing a number of pictures to make sense of a primitive world and finally we evolved using speech and the written word to communicate further. Writing a number, a word or drawing a picture are all forms of symbolism and all represent something. Before the scientists used numbers just for ‘mathematics’, numbers were known to have meanings that belonged to the secret science of Numerology.

Pythagoras, the “Father of Number” lived in the 6th century, BC. He based his teachings upon Mathematics, Music and Astronomy, which he considered the “Triangular Foundation” of all the arts and sciences. He affirmed that mathematics could exist without the other two, but that NOTHING could exist without Number. He hoped for all mankind to know what the numbers mean, then every man would know himself and either love or tolerate his neighbor. Reading this paragraph for the first time, 15 years ago inspired me to learn more about the fascinating world of numbers.

I’ve since studied the numerological significance of numbers and the fascinating science of Numerology as a psychological self-investigation tool. Numerology informs and empowers us to become aware of the choices in our own lives by using the divination of our date of birth and name, as it is appears on our birth certificate. Your destiny is yours to create. Numerology is the original life-coaching tool that provides both an accurate and logical insight into YOU! I hope that this has wet your appetite to learn about the exciting secret science of Numerology!

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