Time for Reflection

The time has come for a much needed break from the noise, clutter and rush of city life.

I am in the process of planning my retreat to Costa Rica. This central American country has become one of my favorite travel destinations.

Last year my husband and I rented a 4×4 (the roads are challenging) and saw some beautiful parts of the western seaboard as well as cloud forests and Volcano Arenal (this is still a very active volcano that is marvelous to see, especially at night).

This year we will be exploring the Caribbean coast and even hopping over the border to Panama and visiting the islands of Bocas del Toro. We are planning to see some of the sacred sites in Costa Rica as well as the abundance of wildlife and ecology that inhabits the country. I’m looking forward in particular to visiting Tortuguero National Park which is 250 kms northeast of the capital San Jose. There are 4 different species of sea turtle that nest here. The parks beaches are excellent places to watch the turtles nest – especially at night.

When things settle down after I return I’ll post some pictures of our trip.

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