Walking the Path of the Great Mystics with Caroline Myss

Defy Gravity – Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason

"It is in our nature to defy gravity, to transcend the limitations of the reasoning mind and connect with an inner realm of mystical truth. We have always been on the quest for this truth; we have always been seeking a way to defy the laws that weigh us down in ordinary thought."

~ Caroline Myss

I first encountered the work of Caroline Myss in 1996 when I read her book Anatomy of the Spirit. As a Reiki Master I have found her work to be extremely valuable and insightful. In 1999 I attended a workshop Myss held in Austin, Texas on Sacred Contracts where she had a guest speaker, Ron Roth, who spoke on the power of prayer and the five stages of healing. This powerful workshop made me realize just how potent the power of grace truly is and how we each need to weave this healing energy into our lives. Anatomy of the Spirit has been a very helpful book that I have referred back to many times over the years, so I was very excited to read Myss's latest book Defy Gravity, Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, where she takes her already very powerful and life-altering work even deeper.

I have been involved in the healing arts for more than 17 years and have been intrigued with the body/mind/spirit connection in helping to raise the quality of life and bringing about a sense of balance in each individuals unique life. If you want to take your healing work to a deeper and more profound level, then I highly recommend reading Defy Gravity and learning how to weave the information, exercises and prayers into your daily life. Caroline asks us to look into the body, mind, spirit connection, and she asks, have we forgotten about the spirit? Many people have spent the last few decades just focusing healing work on the body/mind connection without delving into the mysterious and mystical forces of the spirit; this is where she believes intense healing can take place. Myss has led many workshops devoted to healing, and she says "My thoughts and observations have solidified to let me identify a set of beliefs that I am convinced support or detract from the healing process. By far, the most significant of the supporting beliefs is that healing is ultimately a mystical experience and not one that can be attained through the maneuverings of the mind. By mystical I mean that a transcendent power consumed with divine intention is required to return us to complete health, particularly in cases deemed hopeless."

So what exactly is the path called healing? Healing is a mystical experience explains Myss. Many people who receive a healing will say that the experience is difficult to put into words, it is profound and beyond words. A healing, whether a healing form an illness or life crisis, requires surrender to a higher power, a force greater than yourself, as the human mind cannot reason it's way to a healthier or more abundant life.  Once you have journeyed into the soul, you life will be transformed. Connecting the mind/body fully with the soul is truly a life-altering incident that leaves one forever changed and viewing life in a very different way. For the last three decades, Myss writes, society has been captivated with the body/mind connection with practices and therapies such as yoga, meditation, inner-child work, and many more varied healing modalities that have become popular ways to help assist one in finding lasting health and happiness. But have we forgotten about the sacred she asks? Have we forgotten about the true mystical path? Maybe if we can each step back from our busy lives and spend some quiet time in self-reflection, we may come to realize that our lives are lacking the elements of the sacred, the mystical, and the spirit. If you long to experience healing, illumination and a deeper understanding that will transform your health, your career, relationships, and your life then I invite you to read more about the seven graces, the holy grail of healing and power that lies within each human soul and I hope it will entice you to purchase this brilliant book that will provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to heal yourself and your life. Caroline Myss declares that it is now time to shed the denseness of fear and embrace our graces, the inner light that is within each and every one of us, that is not just self-serving but about serving others as well. The seven graces will open up a path of service where we can heal, empower, love and help one another. As Caroline Myss described, the seven graces can help us build a community of light.

What are the seven graces? In Defy Gravity, Caroline states that "We have even more to discover about our interior self that is shaped not by a history in need of repair, but by a potentially profound mystical empowerment yet to be realized". In the book she partners the seven graces with the seven charkas. I believe that embracing the seven graces as described by Caroline into a healing and spiritual practice will transform your life.

Below I list the seven graces to give you an idea of what is covered; I suggest that you purchase her book to read more about each one, how to penetrate them, how to invoke the graces and a beautiful prayer to say for each one of the graces.

1st Chakra: Reverence         

2nd Chakra: Piety

3rd Chakra: Understanding         

4th Chakra: Fortitude 

5th Chakra: Counsel 

6th Chakra: Knowledge 

7th Chakra: Wisdom

This book takes you on a wonderful healing journey. Caroline Myss show you who you can become if you choose to embrace the path of service, the path of healing and delving into the mystical and the profound. This book will answer any questions you have on how to follow the mystic's path, the path that many great sages have traveled before us, such as John of the Cross and Theresa of Avila. The mystic's path is a path of devotion, illumination and acquiring a deeper understanding and connection with God/ All That Is.

I hope that you will enjoy this beautiful prayer from the book, Prayer for Wisdom: I ask that the grace of Wisdom guide me on my path. Let me respond with wisdom to the problems and challenges of my life, rather than with fear and hostility. Let me build a soul with the stamina to absorb the grace of Wisdom so that I may serve the whole of humanity with the actions of my life, acknowledging as I now do that  all I do, think, say, and feel influences the well-being of all life.

To purchase Defy Gravity, please go to Amazon Below is an insightful and enjoyable video of Caroline Myss speaking about her latest book, Defy Gravity – Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason.


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