Angel Dolphins, Playful Dolphins

Playful Dolphins

Pushing through green waters
Symbol of joy
You leap from the depths
To touch the sky
Scattering spray
Like handfuls of jewels

Not caged by union rules
Unfettered by sales targets
No trains or planes to catch
Your time is set by the flow
Of the sea’s tides
And the moon’s glow

You give us images of ecstasy
That we lock away
Behind the doors of memory
For quiet moments
when released from our possessions
We dream of a freedom like yours

Poem by Horace Dobbs


The Dolphins remind us of the importance of playfulness. Coaxing us to live lightly, have fun and to laugh!

Watching the dolphins today, our second day in Bocas, they playfully chase our boat in circles and swim alongside us –  they are the image of gaiety! I’m enchanted by them as they frollic in the waves. They are in perfect rhythm with the waves and life itself.





So often in life, we put off having fun. We feel that we must first accomplish a specific task, and then reward ourselves upon completion thereof. This sets us up for constantly living in the future! The Dolphins remind us of the importance of living in the NOW! Of finding that feeling of delight and happiness right now, no matter what is happening around us or how much work we still have piled up on our desk!
Often the times we are most productive and creative are when we are happy and relaxed.

Flow with the tides,
Play in the surf,
Gaze at the moon…..

And above all; have fun just for the sake of having fun,
Laugh, because it makes you feel good,
Dance, and feel the exhilaration of being fully alive, present and in the NOW!

Celebrate the Fun Side if Life!!


“Let the Joy and Inspiration of Dolphins lead us to a more positive World – uniting in spirit Humans and Dolphins”
-Ken Davis 1996

“All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it”
-Samuel Butler 1912

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