Angel of Love

During Insight Readings, one of the strongest messages that always comes through is one of Love.

Dear Ones open your heart to receive all the love you so richly deserve. You deserve the blessings of true love and oneness in your life. This is the month to experience unlimited and unconditional love in all its forms. Call on me, the Angel of Love to assist you. Together we will take a journey to the higher levels of consciousness where true love reigns. Open your heart to the healing.


This truly is a blissful experience! The Angel of Love can help you open your heart to give and receive love and experience the absolute bliss that comes from living a life centered in love and oneness.  Allow this powerful and radiant Angel to help you open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities before you.
Know that you are one with the Creator and one with Life.

Angel of Love, please help me to live my life from a place of love and not fear. Help me to dissolve all the self-imposed limitations I have placed upon myself and assist me in letting go of any feelings of guilt, anger or resentment I may be holding onto.  From this place of love, forgiveness and oneness may I live my life centered in love and joy. May I share this love with others so that they too may experience profound love and a soothed and healed heart.  Thank you.

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