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What your name and date of birth reveal about you. Holds the blueprint for your soul purpose, life purpose, karmic lessons, personality, destiny and life challenges.

The Number 11 and 11/11/11

  "Stop the words now. Open the window in the center of your chest, and let spirit fly in and out."        -Rumi   In November of 2011 a very interesting date is coming; 11/11/11. This powerful numeric … Continue reading

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Numerology and the Meaning of Numbers

Have you ever wondered what meanings may lurk beneath a number, perhaps one that keeps reappearing in your life? Since time immemorial humankind has wondered about the nature of number and how it relates to life. Numerologists believe that there … Continue reading

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“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”                 ~e.e cummings                                                                        It is an important step on our spiritual journey to learn to listen to our hearts and to observe life as it is … Continue reading

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