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A means to self-knowledge and self-empowerment. Tarot is a tool to read the unconscious mind, as well as current and future trends.

Tarot Reading Back-Log

    Due to a back-log of  Tarot orders please understand that at this time (late June and July 2014) the turn-around for orders is about 2 weeks. We appreciate your business and will get to your order as soon … Continue reading

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Now You Can Live Fearlessly With the Help of the Tarot

The Tarot cards are a powerful transformational tool that can help you live a life free from fear, worry and anxiety. Over the past 17 years of doing Tarot readings for clients, I have noticed a certain pattern emerging time-after-time. … Continue reading

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Your Psychic Inner Child

  Psychics provide a medium to explore the magical childhood world we often lose as adults. As we grow into adulthood our innocence, naiveté, and imagination become rigid and stodgy. Our perceptions of reality shift towards the norm, which is … Continue reading

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Increasing Money-Flow with The Tarot

Here are some tools that can help you to dissolve the barriers which block the flow of abundance in your life. With the help of these exercises and the Tarot, you too, can experience the wonderful feeling of truly living … Continue reading

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Tarot – The Magician and The Law of Attraction

The Magician Master Manifester “As above so below” The Magician in the Tarot deck is a splendid representation of the Law of Attraction in progress. The Magician symbolizes the ability to manifest and create a magical life. From the Magician … Continue reading

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