Church of Angels – De Angelis Church, Costa Rica

  As we drive into the city of Cartago, Costa Rica, on a humid and rainy morning, we are welcomed by an exquisite site of Angels.    


De Angelis Church


Before us is Our Lady of the Angels, an impressive Byzantine style church. This is the national religious shrine of Costa Rica. Every year thousands of devotees from across the country make a pilgrimage to honor the Virgin Mary and to render homage for favors conceded. This pilgrimage coincides with the feast day of the Virgin of the Angels held on August 2nd to commemorate the miraculous appearance of a small carved image of the Virgin Mary to a young girl in 1635. The church is built on the actual site.

 This is a sacred site in Costa Rica. The energy is soft, feminine and very welcoming. This magnificent church, surrounded by Angels is an inviting haven of peace, tranquility, joy, faith and hope.  It is an assuring reminder that we are always lovingly surrounded by Angels. No matter where we are, or what we are doing! There is always a staggering number of Angels by our side – waiting and happy to help us.  Under Spiritual Law they cannot step in until we ask them for help. So the next time you are faced with a problem, remember there is an Angel standing by you, awaiting your permission to assist! All you need to do is ask! Then relax into the safety of being enfolded in Angel wings.  

“Whenever we need love, we need only to be open ourselves because Angels are truly everywhere – kind beings who only want to help and love us.”  

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