Gods and Godesses of the New Earth

I hope you enjoy the wisdom and insight from this article. I found it very enlightening and inspiring and am grateful that I am able to share it with my visitors.

Article channeled from Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley

In the past five years many lightworkers have gone through a process of transition and ascension. This transition has been from a third and fourth dimensional frequency to a Crystal or fifth dimensional frequency. It has sometimes been a very traumatic experience for many who have had to release and heal old wounds, old patterns and old relationships, not just from this lifetime but from many previous lifetimes. We have also needed to discover new ways of being, new ways of balance, harmony, happiness, abundance and love. Unconditional love for ourselves and for all others, a type of love which we haven’t yet felt in our many incarnations to this planet.

Initially the transition to the Crystal vibration was started by the birth of the Crystal Children who began incarnating in the late 1990’s. These children were of a much higher vibration and were therefore far more sensitive to the lower energies which dominated our planet and our society. The mission of these children was to carry and hold the Crystal or 5th Dimesnional energy. These children were battling to cope with the lower energies and were finding it difficult to hold their higher vibration. Lightworkers across the globe heard their cry for help and chose to begin their own ascension process to the Crystal Vibration. Due to the large number of people transitioning to the Crystal state, we were able to help the Earth itself to ascend and to be reborn as a Crystal Planet.

One of the major focuses of the transition process has been the return of the Divine Feminine Energy, or ther energy of the Goddess. This allowed for huge surges of Divine Feminine energy to enter our human bodies and that of the Earth. Part of our process was to find and maintain a balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within our own bodies. This was done to create a balance of both Divine energies within ourselves, and to allow for a redistribution or balance of power back to the Divine Feminine. This has largely been achieved, and as you will see from the recent Tsunami disasters, the Earth itself is balancing as the Divine Feminine power has been awakened in her too.

This balance in power has not been seen in our Earth since the time of Lemuria, which existed at the Paradise or Heaven on Earth frequency. Lemuria was a paradise where all were connected as one. Where there was equality and balance between all the inhabitants of our planet. All existed in an awakened state and lived consciously. They worked with and epitomized the Great Divine God and Goddess and co-created with the Divine One.

This co-creation was done consciously and always with intent to only manifest love, peace, happiness and abundance. This was a place where men and woman lived as equals, neither dominating the other. There was no division, no lack and a great sharing and sense of celebration was created with all of humanity and the Angelic realms working together to create Heaven.

Within Lemuria there were those who choose to leave and to create a new way of being in Atlantis, where they began by utilizing and building on all that they had learnt in Lemuria. But there were many in Atlantis who lost sight of the greater picture, and began to use and abuse their knowledge. This ultimately caused the destructions of both Atlantis and Lemuria. Some managed to leave before the destruction and settled in South America, Africa and Europe. Many of the old ways of Lumeria and Atlantis can be found in the pyramids in Egypt and in many ancient sites in South America and Europe. Unfortunately the old ways of Lemuria and Atlantis have been forgotten by humanity, and we have had to begin again.

For many centuries our society and our culture has worked to subjugate the Feminine power to slavery, submission and weakness. Our third-dimensional world was set up to function according to the Masculine formula of thought and structure. Domination, aggression, force and control have been at the heart of all our relationships and social conditions. The Feminine qualities of intuition, compassion, non-violence, nurturing and healing have been discredited. In the past the Goddess was weakened, but she has not been silenced, she was allowed to speak but she wasn’t heard.

There has been no equal balance of power between the Masculine and the Feminine energies on the planet, and woman have often had to take on the roles of both Feminine and Masculine in order to survive in our culture. Many of you who have already had children will have realized that this doesn’t work. Woman are not superhuman and are unable to be all or do all.

The roles of parents and partners have been blurred, unequal and unbalanced. It is now time to create a balance that is equal in power and benefits all. It is especially time for men and woman to take back their power and to work with the God and Goddess energy so they are empowered to live balanced, whole and healthy lives. The traditional roles need to be redefined and reworked in order for you to support and love each other unconditionally. This does not mean going backwards to archaic roles based on power and submission, but it does mean defining your roles within the relationship and family structure.

A balance of power needs to be created, and in fact this is what it means to be in a partnership or relationship. Our culture and our society has worked hard at creating Archetypal Roles within relationships. There is the Mother or Father Archetype, and the Wife or Husband Archetype. These Archetypal roles have been created over thousands of years, ansd relate to life in the Third Dimension. In the New Earth we are creating, it is time to re-create these roles and define individual roles that pertain to each individual on the Fifth Dimensional level. It is extremely hard to break these habitual roles, and it requires courage and a conscious knowledge of who you are, why you are here and what you have to offer to humanity as a whole.

Today the majority of men and woman are wounded, and the key to healing isn’t found in another person, but in a journey of Self Discovery. There is no end to this journey as it is a life long process of learning. A learning about yourself, about humanity and about your connection to all. Once you have begun your journey of self awareness and healing, you will find it easier to love and to have compassion for all others. Once you have discovered this on an individual basis only then are you able to begin creating relationships that are equal and empowered where you are able to begin working together as a team, supporting and loving each other while working and giving back to your community on a global scale.

The balance of power between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is extremely important where children are concerned. If there is no correct use of power, how are we as parents and caregivers able to effectively parent and work with our children. They are here to teach us new ways of being and new ways to interacting, and unless we step off our pedestals and take note of how they are consciously living in the present, we are going to end up destroying not only ourselves, but our children and our planet. We have been given a magnificent gift in our children and we need to take this knowledge and this power that they are offering and use it to co-create a heaven where we all live as equal, healthy, balanced and empowered human beings. They have given us the gift of ascension and it is up to us take this power and to use it in effective and meaningful ways.

It is up to us as men and woman to connect with this power and to begin using it to create the necessary changes in ourselves, in our society and in our world. We have managed the unthinkable – rapidly ascending our planet with out self destructing, and it is our responsibility to take this knowledge and this gift and to work with and to create our version of a Fifth Dimensional Paradise.

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