Going with the Flow: Learning the Art of Acceptance

Going with the flow of life will bring serenity, peace and tranquility; this is the art of acceptance. Learning the art of acceptance is an important lesson in living a full and conscious life. Many wise men and woman through the ages have emphasized that acceptance is a necessary and extremely powerful state of being. Wayne Dyer has been quoted saying “If I could define enlightenment briefly I would say it is the quiet acceptance of what is.” Carl Jung taught “We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” And Eleanor Roosevelt said “You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with the best you have to give.”

 When you can accept life the way it is then everything undergoes a change. The greatest gift that you can give to the world is the gift of acceptance and love. Allow your heart to open and live daily from a place of unconditional love, appreciation and acceptance. One of life’s greatest lessons is learning to surrender and go with the flow.  Life happens and it is your reaction and interpretation of the circumstances that will either free you or limit you.

Developing a curiosity about how you react to the situations and people in your life can ultimately release you from the restrictions and controlling inclinations of the past. ~Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance~ Trust that your life is unfolding perfectly in each and every moment. When you try and force things to happen you will create more suffering, resistance and struggle. Learning to trust in a Higher power and letting go of the need for circumstances to be a certain way will liberate you and put you on the path towards self-mastery. Expand your level of curiosity and continually practice self-inquiry, when you become aware of your limited beliefs and judgments you then have the power to change them!

It is only with awareness that you can make the commitment and necessary changes to live each moment with an open and accepting heart. Learning to love what is present in your life without the need to change or transform it in anyway is true acceptance and appreciation for the bountiful experiences life offers. A deep sense of serenity and tranquility will permeate your life when accept what is, IS! When you feel at peace with yourself and your actions, you can extend this wondrous feeling to others. Self-acceptance is important for your spiritual growth and well-being. When you love and accept yourself your life will flow and miracles will happen. Learn to live wholly from the place of total acceptance and be willing to recognize challenges as lessons for self-growth and inquiry into the way you respond to the world, this is a concrete step on your sacred journey towards the light of wisdom and consciousness.

Practice mindfulness and observe life without getting caught up in reacting to it, this will empower you and free up your energy so that you can create a beautiful life. ~Happiness can exist only in acceptance~ Happiness is not dependent on your outer circumstances but instead achieving happiness is often brought about through letting go and releasing your attachment to people and situations being a particular way. Developing an attitude of acceptance will help you to loosen your tight grip on reality not being exactly the way you would like it to be. You can then stop pushing certain things away and trying so hard to pull other things towards you. With acceptance you can reach a point of allowing things to be as they are at this time. Maybe in the next moment they will change, but right now you can totally accept the way things are. This does not mean that you want your situation to stay this way but you can allow your life to be as it is. When you surrender completely and accept it, you can then move onto creating a life that works for you. Acceptance brings peace, happiness and serenity!

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