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It is not often that I recommend a course or an on-line program but this one is an exception. I have participated in the Renewing your Relationship online course run by the ToDo Institute and it is a wonderful program to help gain a richer and deeper perspective on your relationship. It offers you a chance to step back from the business of your everyday life and consider your dreams and your vows.

 This month, the ToDo Institute is offering a unique opportunity to take on the challenge of love.  Their annual Renewing your Relationship program will run from Feb. 18 to March 19, 2013.  I think you might find it a valuable resource.  And through my affiliation with ToDo, you would be eligible for a $15 discount on this program.(If you decide to participate, just enter the code “BS-R13” in the coupon box during checkout, to secure the discount). 

 Here’s what ToDo has to say about the Renewing your Relationship program:

“Most of us want smooth sailing in our relationships. We want support and comfort, respect and good cheer.  In fact, we kind of expect it.  When we trip on rocks that suddenly appear and trudge up hills when we're already tired we can easily conclude that something has gone amiss.  Love's gone wrong.  Or, more to the point, our partner needs to get with the program and shape up. 

But focusing on what our partners need to do is misguided.  That approach won’t ever get us where we want to go.  Our greatest promise for a wonderful relationship is to become the best partner WE can be – it’s that simple and that challenging.

The Renewing your Relationship program offers a rich, engaging and unique opportunity to cultivate love in your relationship, despite the ups and downs of mood and circumstance. Every day you will receive a different exercise that will help you to strengthen a skill, or a practice that will support your relationship.

 And you will have the company of many other people from around the country, and beyond, who are traveling on the same path, and communicating with each other through an online discussion. You will also receive support materials, including a CD and diverse readings (both hard-copy and on-line), to enrich and broaden your experience.

 The cost of this month-long program is about the price of one counseling session. And if you use the above-mentioned code, your cost would be reduced from $93 to just $78.  You can register online or by phone at 802-453-4440 or 800-950-6034.

 We hope you decide to be part of this empowering program on love!

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