Increasing Money-Flow with The Tarot

Here are some tools that can help you to dissolve the barriers which block the flow of abundance in your life. With the help of these exercises and the Tarot, you too, can experience the wonderful feeling of truly living in the flow, and following the path of miracles and synchronicity.

The Tarot can teach you how to live an aware and empowered life. Using the wisdom of the Tarot you can lower your resistance and dissolve any blockages in your subconscious mind that may be hindering you in achieving a rewarding career and financial freedom and success. It is vital to understand the importance of letting go of past conditioning, living in the now and living in the true flow. What follows is an easy method to weave a flow of money into your life without struggle, fear or worry.

Firstly, it is essential that you observe and become aware of the wealth that is already present in your life. Even if you are experiencing a lack of money at the moment, you can look for the areas in your life where you do have abundance.

It can be as simple as appreciating the fact that you were able to pay the bills or buy the jar of imported olives you enjoy so much. You can also appreciate the abundance in nature, for example, the profusion of flowers in your garden or the grandeur of the stars in the night sky. When you align yourself with the abundance that is already present in your life and in the universe, you will open yourself up to receive the prosperity you desire.

With the help of the Tarot, you can begin to focus your attention on what you want in life, instead of being stuck in fear, confusion or worry. The Tarot can help you dissolve your false perceptions and assist you in aligning with your true-life purpose. When you follow your bliss, you follow the path of miracles, of synchronicity and flow!

If you own a pack of Tarot cards, the pentacles represent your financial flow, fortune, prosperity and career. The suit of pentacles symbolizes the riches contained within the earth. These are ours to receive and enjoy as long as we know how to allow them into our lives!

Meditating on the pentacle cards can reveal the bounty of the universe.

Meditating on the Tarot cards is a wonderful visual way to stimulate your mind and to get enthusiastic about what you want to achieve in your life.

Together with the Tarot card meditation, you can practice this money meditation for a few minutes daily.

Don’t forget to make notes in your journal!

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor with your back straight and your feet firmly on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and relax.
Imagine yourself giving money away. Who ever comes into your mediation, picture yourself giving them money. The amount does not matter, just focus on the feeling of giving to others. See them receiving the money with joy.

Notice how your giving spreads happiness to other people. Stay with this feeling for a few moments. Notice that giving money away is actually a way of spreading joy and love to others.
For a few moments meditate on the phrase “Money is  Love”

After you have done this, allow yourself to receive. Let the cycle of money flow as you embrace and enjoy the money coming to you. Visualize yourself happily receiving from others and the things you desire flowing into your life easily and effortlessly!

Let yourself indulge in the wonderful feelings of joy that come about when you let go and allow yourself to give and receive. Allow yourself to experience the magnificent feeling of abundance and wealth.

Once you feel comfortable, joyous and at ease with the first part of the money flow meditation then you can begin the second part. The second part is quite exciting. It is interesting to notice what feelings come up for you. If you are getting clear and have already released a lot of blockages or conditioning regarding the flow of money in your life, then you will be ready and eager to start practicing part two. If you still feel resistance in doing the exercise, then it’s quite possible that you still have inner conflict towards money and allowing yourself to be part of the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.

Be aware of the feelings that come up for you as you practice part two.

Spend some time, maybe put an afternoon aside, and go out and give money away. Look for the people or organizations that you feel need money or a specific cause that speaks to your heart. It could be someone living on the streets, a charity or even someone who is struggling to pay their rent. It does not have to be a large amount; you can even start with a dollar at first. The important part here is that you give and as you give to imagine that you are giving money as well as love to the person.

Commit to practicing this giving-meditation for a few days. You will really reap the full benefit of realizing true money flow if you commit to doing both the visualization of giving money away as well as actually taking action and doing it!

Remember to write in your journal and notice any feelings that come up for you. Both positive and negative feelings are indicators of where you are on your path to prosperity, success and true abundance.
Keep in mind that the Universe is an abundant place. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy. The key here is to keep money flowing. Knowing that as you give, you receive!

I wish you much enjoyment as you travel your path of abundance. Know that with the help of the ancient wisdom of the tarot, you can live a prosperous and rewarding life now!

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