Indigo and Crystal Children

The New Psychic Children

Each child of God is prepared by God from the beginning, to express Love in a unique way  – Eleanor Bliss Angel

This has been an exciting week! Both in the UK and USA, television shows on psychic and Indigo children have aired. What a response this brought about. I received dozens of emails from people in both countries! We live in an exciting time. We are noticing an increased global awareness in the psychic abilities of children. It is only with knowledge, compassion, love and understanding that adult can help these children feel safe, secure and wonderful. These sensitive souls need our guidance, they need to know how very special they are, and they need a safe environment in which to explore and develop their intuitive and psychic gifts. With awareness, we can create a loving, peaceful, prosperous planet in one generation. We all need to connect with our heart energy and create a future with love.

Tara Singh offers some wise advice to parents in her book “How To Raise A Child Of God” :  

Teach your child not skills, but love to share.
Teach him to have more space in his life, the richness of stillness.
Teach him to widen the gaps of silence between the thoughts with relaxation.
Teach him that all things in their origin are of the one source.
Teach him to pray for his adversary to regain his own peace and harmony.
Teach him not to be controlled by another.
Teach him to bless all things with his peace.
Teach him non-waste and the love of conservation….to be a friend of trees, dawn and twilight.
Teach him simplicity and gratefulness…to love virtue.
Teach him to be a friend unto himself.

What a different world this would be if we grew up knowing these truths and living them!

I am so grateful for the shift in consciousness that is taking place right now. It excites me to watch these shows on TV, knowing that the first step in creating change is awareness.

There are many wonderful people who are making a huge difference in these children’s lives. They are aware, present, and committed to helping the next generation feel alive, treasured and loved. They truly are changing the world, one sweet child at a time!


“Restore the mind to innocence.” – Tara Singh 

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