Life Coaching for Teens – Helping Your Teen Achieve Their Potential

A teenager is the joy the world is waiting for


Life Coaching can help motivate teenagers to achieve their fullest potential. A coaching session provides a space for your teenager to learn more about herself, about her choices and her heart felt dreams and goals. Life Coaching is not just about helping your teen stay organized or about developing healthier and more productive study habits. Coaching takes it a step further, and helps a young person gain clarity and develop an inner awareness to make decisions that are in alignment with what is most important to them.

Life Coaching for teens is about young people taking control of their choices and their future. It is about learning to be creative and find creative solutions to the problems of life and building self-esteem in problem solving and choice making.

Life has become so busy, that many teenagers are living life on auto-pilot. The choices they make are often made unconsciously and by default instead of with careful analysis

 It is important that teachers and parents don’t unduly influence them or encourage them to take an inauthentic path that isn’t really from their heart. It is necessary to give your teen the space and support they need to confidently create the life they want to live, as ultimately they are the only ones who are in control of the person they become.  

Teaching a teen to make conscious choices is a very valuable skill that can help them build a successful and happy life. Choice is the ability to recognize alternative and possible consequences, thereby enabling the selection of that which is most desirable, admirable, and honorable.

Teenage years are about claiming the unique gifts, strengths and passions that are their own. They are about turning away from false views imposed upon them and finding their own life path and purpose. During these years it’s important for them to learn who they truly are and not let their identities be lost, buried or devalued and instead become confident enough to stand in their own light and take action on what matters most to them.  An abundance of choices await each teen and together with a tight schedule of school work, sports activities, friendships, family commitments and maybe even a part-time job, life as a teen can seem overwhelming. Choosing the right college, the right friendships and relationships can be challenging and leave a teen feeling unsure and even afraid.

Life Coaching can provide a sweet spot, away from all the activities of teenage life, to help them discover and uncover their own delightful, authentic selves and proudly present that to the world. It is about discovering where their power is and their joy is.


Some of the challenges that can be helped with Life Coaching for Teens are:

·         Anxiety over grades

·         Frustration in relationships

·         Personal leadership

·         Pursuing their passion and purpose

·         Motivation and goal setting

·         Concern about college

·         Weight issues


Working with a Life Coach can help a teenager break free from the voices that tell them, they are not smart enough, or strong enough to do what they want to do. Maybe it’s the fear of telling a parent that they need to live their own life, or maybe it’s the fear of failing. Many teenagers can be consumed with the fear of making the wrong choice about a relationship, or a college. The teenage years are filled with constant change and each teen must develop the ability to continually let go of the old and make room for the new, and safely learn from their inevitable mistakes.

Teens can be afraid of the consequences of their choices, it is important to evaluate each choice. Clearly focused choices, rooted in self-awareness and trust will lead them in the right direction. Focused and courageous choices make them aware of their own power and innate ability to succeed in spite of obstacles and barriers. Being able to make their own choices in life develops confidence and provides natural feedback to change their decisions when necessary. Over time the mastery to make better and better choices is the result.

Meeting with a Life Coach can provide a breathing space, giving a teen tools to make them even more successful and confident.


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