Tortuguero – Place of Turtles


I had mixed emotions regarding the night time turtle tour offered by the Eco-lodges as well as by private guides in the village. It is an awesome experience to witness these large sea creatures make their way up the beaches, but it also pulls at my heart-strings as humans disturb the natural process of a female turtle coming ashore to lay eggs. This is a sacred experience, one which needs to be honored.   After much contemplation and chatting to our well-informed guide, Daryl Loth, who has a tremendous love and respect for the environment, I am assured that great care is taken as to not disturb the turtles emerging from the ocean.  

We decide to book the first tour of the evening which starts at 10pm. After a delicious Costa Rican meal, we make our way along the winding footpath through the palm trees to this desolate Caribbean beach. No one is allowed on the beach after dark, unless accompanied by an official guide, so as not to disturb the turtles.  It is pitch black, except for some lightening in the distance. We walk, in single file along the crashing surf for about 2 miles looking for turtle tracks.   Well defined protocols are followed, no cameras, no reflective clothing, no flashlights, so as not to disturb the turtles.   It was an extremely spiritual experience for me, walking along the beach that night. I could sense the energy of the turtles.As the lightening in the distance danced across the black sky, I could feel the ancient wisdom of the turtles and the message of love, wisdom, courage, healing and protection. I made a commitment at that moment, to become actively involved with the green sea turtles – I know deep in my heart that this is part of a grander plan. Healing of ourselves, our family, our community, the world and all her inhabitants – if we each choose something close to our hearts, and decide to be part of the healing, what a different world this would be.  

Then we see her, emerging from the ocean, crawling up the beach! She is beautiful! We silently watch in awe, as this magnificent sea creature slowly makes her way up the beach. Our guide says that since we are a small group (only 4 of us), we can go quietly and gently up to her and touch her. As I approach her, her eyes meet mine: “Know my courage and my wisdom. Carry this forth – know that each kind action, each healing affects the whole. We are at an important cross roads regarding Planet Earth. We turtles are ancient, we have witnessed many changes in our environment and survived them. We are now facing extinction. We need to work together in creating harmony, longevity and healing. Know- we are all ONE.”  

I touched her gently, surrounding her in a healing Reiki mist. I know that sending Reiki to the turtles is part of the healing of these sea creatures as well as beloved Mother Earth. I ask anyone with Reiki II to do the same. Reiki is what our Earth needs in this time of planetary pain and changes. Reiki brings healing, peace and oneness. The turtle is the ancient symbol of women’s wisdom and power. It is time to respect ourselves, each other and Planet Earth.   It is time for us to each take responsibility for our part in bringing about health, well-being, peace, harmony and abundance to the world in which we live in.

The late Dr. Archie Carr, creator of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, is well known for his book “The Windward Road”, which made Tortugeuro and its turtle’s famous world wide. Dr. Carr is a perfect example of how one man’s dedication, passion and love can make a huge difference.  

“If the world goes on the way it’s going, it will one day be a world without sea turtles. Some people accept this calmly, but I mistrust the prospect. Sea turtles are part of the old wilderness of the Earth – the environment in which man developed the nerves and hormones that made him human. If we let the sea turtles go, it is a sign we are willing to let all wilderness go. And when that happens, we shall no longer be exactly human.” -Dr. Archie Carr  

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