The Gifts of the Indigo Age


I believe that Indigo is within all of us. We are now entering into a new age of consciousness, healing and harmony.

We have searched for satisfaction in the material realms. Only to be left feeling empty and frustrated.

We set our goals on achieving all this "outward success" without paying much attention to our inner needs and longings.

With hard work and determination, we achieved some of the goals we had set for ourselves. Some of the goals we did not manage to accomplish. We bought our dream car ,our dream home and got the promotion we were after. Only to discover that the job was terribly stressful, the thrill of driving the fast car, had worn off. No matter how much "stuff" we kept buying, we just could not keep up with the latest and fanciest gadget that the advances in technology brought our way. This left us feeling empty and frustrated.

We are seeing more and more people turning inwards to find healing, balance and the answers to life’s questions. It is time to live our lives as creative, empowered individual’s who are in tune with our divine nature. It is time for every one of us to take responsibility for caring for planet earth, for each another and to realize we are all part of the same whole!

This is the tremendous gift of the Indigo age!

Indigo children started to incarnate on the planet after World War 2.

This was the first wave of indigo children. They were the group of indigo souls who set the foundation for the global shift we are now experiencing.

Indigo's incarnated among the "babyboomer" generation of the 50’s and were born to the "flower children" of the 60’s. The greatest arrival of Indigo's on planet earth started in the 70’s and continued until the early 2000’s. At this point the Indigo Children were joined by the Crystal Children.

The Indigo generation is known as the " Warrior " generation. They will challenge all old and out-of-date systems that no longer nourish the soul and allow the spirit free expression.

The term "Indigo’ was first brought into awareness by a book written by Jan Tober and Lee Carol entitled "Indigo Children published in 1992. The adjective, "indigo" is used as this relates to the color found in the children’s aura’s. Indigo colored aura’s usually indicate an advanced soul and part of their soul purpose will be as a healer or teacher.

The Indigo generation is here to bring in the new age of peace. They will break down the old systems with their warrior spirit, their wisdom and their intuitive, creative ways.

It is our responsibility as adults, to care for and nurture these sensitive souls. As it is our responsibility to nurture our spirits and soul mission. It is important that we be good role models for the next generation and live our lives fully and abundantly!

This is a time for celebration and healing as we embrace all the gifts of The Indigo Age.

About the Author:

Bridget Lambert is known as the Angel Advisor and the founder of – a Website developed to help you connect with your higher self and discover your Divine Life Purpose.