A coaching session with Bridget is not your ordinary fast-fix approach – the time, energy and attention to the details of my life gave me hope, encouragement and assurance that I can improve my life, one step at a time. I now know happiness is possible!

– Carly R, Arizona

Everything about the Reiki class was wonderful, and I am so thankful for the experience with Bridget. This journey has been amazing, and I know it’s only just beginning. Bridget has been such a loving and wise teacher on my journey.

– Ashley P, Texas

Thanks to Bridget and her teachings I am now the person I could never have imagined that I could be.

– Meltem D, Turkey

After my first Reiki session I finally felt free. All the concerns and worries I had been carrying around just seemed to melt away. Bridget is a powerful teacher and healer and I feel happier and lighter than I have in 30 years. I am forever grateful.

– Josh H, Texas

With 3 life coaching sessions with Bridget I went from lacking direction in my career and marriage to understanding my deepest desires and self sabotaging attempts. I have gained clarity and direction and have become clear on what truly gives my life meaning. I now know what I value and where to put my energy. I feel confident as I move forward and now believe that my dreams are achievable. This has been a very fulfilling and empowering experience. I am so, so grateful!

– Hannah B, Texas

Bridget's angel readings give me such a lift and help me to re-focus when I feel I've hit a wall on my life mission.

– Kris E, Canada

I am grateful for my Angel Reading which I will treasure and often read over the next 12 months. It was one of the very special moments when I found IndigoIntentions and Bridget’s wisdom and kind words were a source of freedom and courage for my challenges. It helped me to learn to trust, and look into a new future with curiosity and calmness.

– Marianne P, South Africa

I adore reading Bridget’s emails….it's like opening a present from a friend who knows more what your needs are than you do. I appreciate her words of encouragement. It feels so warm and comforting to hear her reassurance to being true to one's true nature is all there really is. Her words are the roses among the thorns…

– Lizzie H, Namibia

My life has improved so much since I’ve been working with my angels – thank you, Bridget, for opening me up to this wonder.

– Skylar J, Florida

In the last few years I have really looked to my angels for guidance and reassurance. It has been the toughest part of my life, trying to find direction and learning how to follow my intuition. Bridget has been able to understand and listen to my concerns, furthermore give me feedback and hope via e-mail. She has taken the time to listen and has gone out of her way to send me messages of calmness and inspiration. She has helped me through some hard times in my life and I am very grateful to have stumbled upon her website. Thank you Bridget.

– Danielle G, Canada

Bridget is a true light worker! I've taken Advanced and Third level Reiki with her and also other services such as a numerology report and angel readings. As a Reiki teacher she is the best that I've known. She makes you work hard on each level. It is not like other distant Reiki teachers that give you the attunement, send you a text and that's it. With Bridget you'll find good support throughout the whole course until you are ready. This makes you feel comfortable when you give Reiki even at a distance, since you have to practice, practice, and practice. Her energy is so delightful and strong! I continue to be her friend since she has been so supportive during harsh times and I hope to meet her some day. Her angel reading was very accurate and detailed many things that I didn't know about my spirituality. The questions I asked were fully answered and expanded with additional information and counseling from my angels since she has a very strong connection with them. The numerology report was so full of information about my true self I almost fell off my seat! This report, to me is one that will last a lifetime since it gives you information about things you might experience later in life. She is awesome! I bless God that out of all sites on the Internet I selected IndigoIntentions because it was the one that was true for me!

– Maria L, Puerto Rico

Two years ago I had a very bad experience, I developed vertigo. It is still on going and I have really been through the mill. And that is putting it mildly. I came across a book about angels, by Doreen Virtue, since then my life has really opened up. I was on google the next day, as I wanted to find some one that could do an angel reading for me. There were loads of sites, but somehow Bridget’s stood out to me. I have had numerous readings done by Bridget and all of them are always so accurate and they give me hope to go on. Every time I get a reading done, it always leads me to some other form of healing, so I know that the angels are really looking out for me. I live in Ireland and I know that is so far away from Bridget. But I feel as if she is just a friend next door that I can call on when I am in need. So to you Bridget I want to say a big thank you for the new found friendship, and I hope that someday our paths will cross. So to all of you that may be reading this, my message to you is, you can trust in Bridget and the angels that confide in her. I wish you all well and a peaceful and healthful life.

– Frances C, Ireland

The Tarot Reading was very accurate and compassionate, and once again Bridget has helped me to see the bigger picture.

– Brad A, Texas

After doing the Reiki workshop with Bridget I have more awareness of living in the present and I feel more responsible for my actions. It’s really hard to express the joy and happiness that Reiki has brought into my life. For the first time in my entire life I feel that I can make a difference. I am able to do something to help others achieve well being. Not only my closest ones……but whoever and wherever it may be. Thank you so much for everything.

– Smiljana J, Croatia

Thank-you so much for my Advanced Reiki Attunement, I felt very at ease and was open to feeling the attunement. I felt amazing afterwards and continue to feel this more and more everyday. I feel that Bridget has given me another step towards my journey as a healer.

– Angel H, Maine

It is such an enlightening accurate professional tarot reading.

– Aseel A, Oman

Bridget’s reading was just what I needed to hear. It gave me the courage to make my big decision.

– Tyler S, North Carolina

I’m so glad I to have found Bridget…..She opened a pathway for me to connect with my angels. I am so grateful.

– Rheea L.Z, Singapore

My Reiki Training was a lovely and sacred experience. I am forever grateful.

– Mary-Kate W, Texas

The tarot reading was amazing. From the moment I opened Bridget’s email I knew that she was genuine, sincere, and honest and the real deal. I can not thank her enough.

– Jean D, California

The Numerology Report was so accurate that it gave me chills down my spine!

– Matt P, England

Bridget is an excellent Morita coach. I was able to take action after being a long-time procrastinator and have accomplished things I never thought I would be able to! Bridget is a blessing.

– Belinda H, South Africa

Bridget’s indigo reading gave me the courage to dance to the beat of my own drum. I now understand myself and my fears at a much deeper level. I can be true to myself and live the life God intended for me. I feel free.

– April K, New York

I now know I can be a successful person, thanks to a few NLP sessions with Bridget. My confidence is back.

– Cameron E, Colorado

After reading through the testimonial page I decided to enroll in one of Bridget’s on-line courses. It was an amazing journey and I felt a tremendous shift occurring. I highly recommend you sign up for one – it will change your life.

– Taylor B, Louisiana

Before we got engaged we ordered a compatibility report, it was wonderful and provided us with so much insight into our relationship.

– Terry L, Australia