Tarot Readings

The Tarot is well-known divination tool for discerning past, present and future events. Its
original purpose was to help spiritual seekers develop inner awareness and live a more
conscious life.
The Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness and contains an ancient and sacred wisdom
that reveals visually and symbolically the creative patterns and states of consciousness
that appear in multiple existences across all cultures. The seventy-eight cards represent
archetypes of the inner and outer experiences of human life. The Major Arcana
correspond to major life events or issues and the Minor Arcana correspond to the more
day-to-day issues.
Tarot is so powerful because it transcends thoughts, actions and words. The Tarot images
call forth certain spiritual, mental and emotional patterns held in the subconscious mind
directly to self-consciousness, allowing you to become more fully present and aware
of yourself. Through the Tarot, you are able to transcend habitual patterns that may be
preventing you from living a full and meaningful life.
It is my personal belief, that at the time of a Tarot reading, the cards will reflect the
querent’s current “energy patterns”. This includes your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that
are currently creating your experience.
I am sure you have heard the saying “You can if you think you can” by Norman Vincent
Peale or “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” by Henry Ford.
So, to create a life you feel proud of, you must firstly become aware of the belief patterns
held in your subconscious mind. Through a Tarot Reading, you are given the opportunity
to explore what you believe and what you are hoping to achieve. The cards can also
provide insight into what is preventing or blocking your success, whether in love,
business, finances or health. Once you have gained clarity it is easier to move forward,
set realistic goals, and take constructive and consistent action towards your dreams.
Sometimes life asks you to step into what you fear. Tarot can help you move past the
stage of inner-debate, and escalating fear or confusion. A Reading can prepare you for the
moments when life asks you to take a risk and trust, to move past your fears – to step into
the void. Tarot can help you connect with your inner wisdom and take the next step, that
begins with a risk, and lands in trust and a faith in yourself and your higher purpose.
With Today's fast and frantic lifestyle, Tarot is an important tool to re-focus and re-direct
your life path. When you feel stressed and overwhelmed Tarot reveals your innermost
needs and desires and helps you achieve abundance by bringing clarity, honesty and
reassurance to any situation.
A Tarot reading can raise your awareness and provide comfort, enabling you to make
decisions from an enlightened perspective. This is the art of self-mastery.
It’s now time to move towards expansion and growth
Every person seeks happiness and holds a deep desire to move away from pain and
suffering. A Tarot Reading offers you a new way to live your life and cease personal
suffering caused by limiting personal beliefs and power struggles. Through exploring
what you believe and what you wish to achieve a Tarot Reading can offer you a way to
personal freedom and self-realization., where:
You become unstuck
You break away from old patterns
You surrender your repetitive mind
You no longer get triggered by the same people and events
You connect with your inner wisdom
You re-align with opportunities available to you
You reclaim your personal power
You live your authentic life and create success and financial security
Your health improves
You find love in all the right places
Your relationships become filled with more joy and peace
It’s time for you to live authentically and be free.
Let’s get started!
Mini Tarot Reading using a 5 card spread:
Tarot Reading 1 question $50.00
Deluxe Tarot Reading using Major and Minor Arcana:
Tarot Reading 3 question $85.00
In-depth and insightful Tarot consultations via phone:
30 minutes:  $85.00
60 minutes:  $120.00
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WISE. – Lao Tzu