Angel Readings

Angel Readings -You Are Not Alone


Who are your Angels?

Angels are immortal, spiritual beings who have greater power and ability than humans and include the Angels, Archangels, your Guardian Angel, and the Higher Realms. They have distinct personalities, thinking abilities, and emotions and were created by a higher power to encourage and care for us. Many spiritual traditions believe that you are assigned an Angel at birth as a spiritual friend and confidant. It is also believed that there are hosts of Angels you can call on when you need them. In either case, whether the Angel is your personal guardian, or standing by to help you, your call for help is all that is needed to invoke Angel wisdom and assistance.

The Angels want you to live life to its fullest potential while honoring your divine gifts and talents. As your personal, mystical guardians, Angels embrace you when you are hurt, accept you completely as you are and offer you the wisdom to let go of patterns of guilt, fear, and self-recrimination. Angels want you to know that faith and fearlessness fuel your dreams so they provide clarity on your life purpose and reassure you that you are not alone and ultimately show you how to see yourself as an essential part of the Divine Plan.

The Angel Advisor

I have been delivering Angel messages for nearly 30 years. Angel messages connect you with a host of angelic beings and the power of the higher realms within which they dwell. It is my purpose and pleasure to provide quality readings that address your concerns in as much detail as possible.

Over the years of helping people connect with their Angels, it has become apparent to me that the Angelic messengers are present in your life to help you understand that you have something very unique to share even if you are uncertain precisely what that is. An Angel reading can validate your choices, and encourage you to make necessary changes and take the appropriate risks that are vital to meaningful and transformative change.

How do Angel Readings Work?

Connecting with your Angels is typically a very inspiring and uplifting experience. During an Angel Reading, I personally channel any messages your Angels have for you. These messages are always positive, personal, genuine and insightful.

Charting the Course of Transformation and Growth

The veil that separates you from the Angelic Realm is very thin and with guidance you can learn to feel the beautiful presence of Angels enfolding you, bringing comfort, reassurance, guidance, protection, wisdom and healing. But you must be proactive because they respect your free will and only on very rare occasions will the Angels appear without being asked.

Forming a Question for Your Angels

To begin, find a quiet place where you can still your mind, meditate, and listen to your heart. It is important to connect with yourself and your deepest, strongest feelings and emotions and how they connect with your current situation.

When you begin to feel your own presence fill with the emotion, feelings and circumstances that concern you, use specific language to ask an open-ended, self-focused question about what is happening now. It is important to ask the Angels to help you to be directed in the way they wish for you. Above all, trust your intuition and the question that you form. Know that your Angels have already joined with you in forming your question.

Nurturing your Angel journey and its rewards

Your Angel journey can be very practical but ultimately infinitely rewarding. How will life be different once you invoke your Angels? You will likely:

  • Make choices that are for your highest good and bring inspiration, hope and clarity to your life

  • Expand your spiritual awareness and the love in your life

  • Create harmonious relationships

  • Face any obstacle, no matter how insurmountable

  • Find zest in your life and have more fun

  • Receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing and protection

  • Follow your truth without compromising your integrity


Your Angels know you and, therefore, your questions don’t need to be too detailed. Just ordering a reading with an intention as expressed in your questions will create a connection to your Angel.

Once you’ve submitted your questions and details you will receive a confirmation email.



Choose from two e-mail readings – ask your Angels one or three questions.

Email Bridget 1 specific question. Each reading is channeled for you personally and will reveal the messages your Angels have for you.

Angel Reading 1 question $90.00

E-mail Bridget up to 3 questions. Each reading is channeled for you personally and will reveal the messages and guidance your Angels have for you. Included in your Angel Reading will be daily meditations to help you connect with your guardian Angel and other Angelic beings who may be assisting you.

Angel Reading 3 questions $120.00


In-depth and insightful Angel consultations via phone:

30 minutes            $95.00
60 minutes          $140.00


Angel reading for 2022/23 (Month by Month) – detailed and profound insights from the Angel Realm. This reading will provide you with accurate monthly Angel wisdom and guidance for a full year. Invite the Angels into your life and co-create with them on a daily basis to manifest an abundant and blissful life.

One Year Angel Forecast: $450.00

Join Bridget for a private in person Angel Consultation

60 minutes $140

75 minutes $175

90 minutes $210



Angel Coaching is ideal if you feel stuck and unable to move forward toward the future of your dreams. It can also help you if you are going through a major transition in your life where important decisions need to be made.

For example, you may have started out with great expectations of what your life would be like. You may have envisioned yourself in the perfect relationship or enjoying vibrant health and a rewarding career. Now, however, you find yourself struggling in any or all these areas, while your goals seem to be slipping out of reach. The Angels don’t want these very common and sometimes inevitable struggles to make you feel unworthy or like a failure just because you are not living a joyful, fulfilling life.

Angel Coaching can help you work with your Angels in the midst of these challenges in order to gain clarity around how to use these struggles to focus your journey along your perfect life path.

Angel coaching cycles run at $540 per cycle. A cycle includes 4 coaching sessions for 45 -60 minutes per session. You will also receive unlimited e-mail support between sessions. To determine if Angel Coaching is right for you, I offer a free 30 minute consultation.