Enjoying the blessing of good health is one of life’s most valuable treasures. If you
have a healthy body, a healthy mind, a reservoir of stamina and creative energy to
draw on, you are on your way to achieving your fullest potential and making the most
of opportunities present in your life. Reiki is a wonderful tool to help you attain good
health which can be experienced as vitality, strength, high energy, emotional equilibrium,
mental clarity and physical endurance. With these gifts it is easier to create a meaningful,
rewarding and high-quality life.
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction, deep
relaxation, pain release and expanded spiritual awareness.
Reiki is a powerful, yet very gentle mode of hands-on healing, wherein your body’s own
natural healing ability is activated and accelerated. Reiki balances body, mind, heart
and spirit through gentle touch. The Reiki healer’s hands are placed on or just above
your body. Standard hand positions associated with all the vital organs are used to help
increase the flow of energy within your body. Working with the energetic system of the
body, Reiki balances and aligns, helping you to connect with the Life Force within. It not
only treats the symptoms of illness but will also bring about balance and healing where
the cause of dis-ease lies. Reiki often provides relief and delivers results where other
methods have failed.
A Reiki session can support your health and generate feelings of well-being despite your
current state of health. When you are healthy, a Reiki session will help maintain good
health, vitality, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and physical endurance. If you are
experiencing health challenges, a Reiki session can support your conventional medical
treatment by optimizing your body’s own healing mechanisms. Receiving a Reiki session
often helps relieve painful symptoms and the side effects of medication or medical
Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive and a natural method of healing and self-care. Reiki
is so simple that even children can use and benefit from this form of natural healing.
Reiki is experienced by many people as a spiritual experience. Reiki is not a religion.
Reiki can be practiced within the framework of any religion or spiritual belief.
Reiki is now being used in many prominent hospitals and doctors are finding that patients
recover at a faster rate with less pain when they are given Reiki healing sessions.
Reiki is wisdom and truth
A Reiki session can be a beautifully tranquil experience. While receiving a Reiki
treatment, you will find yourself in a comfortable environment, relaxing to soothing
music, which easily induces a deep and peaceful meditative state. It is in this relaxed
state of being that the body opens up to its own inherent healing abilities and is more
conductive to receiving Reiki energy. The cares of the day melt away as you are drawn
deeper and deeper into the blissful and rejuvenating experience. Many people have
reported life-changing events taking place, after receiving Reiki. There is literally no
limit to the healing and personal growth processes, which can be achieved through
receiving Reiki healing energy.
Releases stress and anxiety
Amplifies energy
Balances energy
Reduces pain and suffering
Helps release emotions
Heightens creativity
Increases awareness
Minimizes feelings of fatigue
Improves sense of well-being
Boosts the immune system
Increases and strengthens physical vitality
Enhances feelings of peace and relaxation
Releases old patterns of behavior that keep you stuck
Reiki healing sessions are available from Bridget in Austin. Email her at to schedule an appointment.
90 minute Reiki session $135
2 hour Reiki session $150
Experience the healing hands of Reiki for yourself.
Look into the benefits of becoming a Reiki practitioner yourself. We offer full training
in Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Masters. To learn more about our
Reiki Training please visit our Reiki Training page.
Bridget, Reiki Master/Teacher, has been giving Reiki sessions and teaching Reiki in
Austin, Texas and internationally for nearly 30 years.

Body Work Enhancements


Within the scope of IndigoIntentions therapies, I also offer massage and body work for those clients who seek more physical stress reduction and healing.  Massage is a powerful complement to Reiki, Consciousness Coaching, and Insight Counseling and can help reduce physical pain, facilitate physical healing, and help your system eliminate stagnant energy and substances.  

Massage sessions are typically scheduled by text, phone call or email.   You may also complete the online contact form    to initiate the scheduling process. 

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch therapy of about 1 to 5 grams (or the weight of a nickel) that works with the deep rhythms of the body to assess and treat a variety of acute and chronic physical and emotional conditions that cause pain and discomfort. The primary rhythm that CST works with is the CranioSacral rhythm which is generated by the rhythmic movement of cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Since this fluid protects the brain and nervous system from physical damage and disease, dysfunction in the CranioSacral system can affect the entire body. Treating the CranioSacral system therefore can help the body release disruptive physical and emotional blockages caused by physical and emotional trauma and balance the body’s physiological function. CST is very helpful in treating a wide range of painful and disruption conditions with a central focus on facilitating and guiding your own healing powers versus focusing on a therapist curing your disease.

CranioSacral Therapy sessions are typically scheduled by text, phone call or email.   You may also complete the online contact form  to initiate the scheduling process.