What is Reiki?


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese healing technique comprised of two Japanese

words: Rei, meaning “Universal”, and Ki, meaning “Life Force”. Reiki is Universal Life

Force Energy that is powerful, nourishing, comforting, and non-invasive. It supports

healing and replenishment, cultivation of Body, Mind and Spirit, and the expansion of



Reiki and Your Life


The blessing of Good Health is one of life’s most valuable treasures. This is because

Good Health supports your ability to meet life’s challenges proactively and in ways that

expand your consciousness.

Good health is sustained and supported when you understand the role of your Soul Self

and your Personality when facing life’s hardships. Reliance on your Personality often

compounds the stress of hardship by reinforcing out-moded, repetitive patterns.

Connecting with and cultivating your Soul Self helps you meet life’s hardships with

creative energy and stamina as an initiation into your deepest calling.


What can I expect in a Reiki session?


Reiki sessions are offered in person or through distance healing. Each session is different

depending on your individual needs or life circumstances. In your session you may

experience deep healing, relaxation, balancing, renewed clarity, spiritual or self-

awakening, pain release or reduction, or simply a time to let go and let the power of Reiki

heal and transform your life.


Reiki is a soft touch therapy, generally performed on a massage table with the receiver

fully clothed. The practitioner’s hands are placed on or just above your body in positions

associated with all the vital organs and energetic channels. As your relaxation deepens

your body opens to its inherent healing abilities and to the more subtle and powerful

dimensions of Reiki energy. In this way, Reiki treats not only the symptoms of illness but

also its root causes and can deliver results where other healing methods fall short.


A Reiki session holds within it universal wisdom and truth that supports your health and

feelings of well-being both when you are healthy, and when you are experiencing health

challenges. If you are receiving conventional medical treatment, Reiki boosts your

immune system and optimizes your body’s healing mechanisms in order to reduce painful

symptoms and/or the side effects of medication or medical treatments/procedures.


Because of its proven effectiveness in all areas of healing, Reiki is now being used in

many prominent hospitals to accelerate recovery times and reduce the pain and

discomfort of the healing and recovery process. These institutions include: California

Pacific Medical Center, George Washington University Hospital, Harvard Cancer Center

(Dana Farber), John Hopkins Hospital and Health System, MD Anderson Cancer Center,

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia, University

of Pennsylvania-Abramson Cancer Center, Yale New Haven Hospital.


Benefits of a Reiki Session


Aligns mind body spirit

Allows more peaceful sleep

Balances chakras and energy fields

Helps you stay grounded and centered

Enhances personal power

Promotes well being

Reduces pain and discomfort

Restores self confidence

Promotes mental clarity and physical endurance

Supports and enhances recovery from injury, surgery

Release emotional stress and anxiety

Amplifies energy, strength and vitality

Reduces pain and suffering

Heightens creativity

Boosts the immune system

Enhances feelings of peace and relaxation

Releases repetitive patterns of behavior that keep you stuck


Booking a Reiki Session With Bridget

In-Person (offered in Austin, TX) and Distant Reiki Sessions (offered globally)

60 minutes: $140

90 minutes: $185

Additional time may be added to your session at a rate of $35 for 15 minutes.


Body Work Enhancements


Within the scope of IndigoIntentions therapies, I also offer massage and body work for those clients who seek more physical stress reduction and healing. Massage is a powerful complement to Reiki, Consciousness Coaching, and Insight Counseling and can help reduce physical pain, facilitate physical healing, and help your system eliminate stagnant energy and substances.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch therapy of about 1 to 5 grams (or the weight of a nickel) that works with the deep rhythms of the body to assess and treat a variety of acute and chronic physical and emotional conditions that cause pain and discomfort. The primary rhythm that CST works with is the CranioSacral rhythm which is generated by the rhythmic movement of cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Since this fluid protects the brain and nervous system from physical damage and disease, dysfunction in the CranioSacral system can affect the entire body. Treating the CranioSacral system therefore can help the body release disruptive physical and emotional blockages caused by physical and emotional trauma and balance the body’s physiological function. CST is very helpful in treating a wide range of painful and disruption conditions with a central focus on facilitating and guiding your own healing powers versus focusing on a therapist curing your disease.

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