Reiki Training

My purpose is to provide courses and workshops that bring about healing through self-
mastery. I offer Reiki workshops in Austin, Texas or alternatively I offer a Reiki on-line course.
At IndigoIntentions, I like to keep classes small. Each level of Reiki is taught on a one-
to-one basis or a very small group, with lots of personal attention and on-going support. I
truly believe that being initiated into Reiki is a sacred and life changing experience. Each
level of Reiki is taught as a one-day workshop, the class is thorough and focused on your
individual needs or concerns. The class includes a Reiki manual and Reiki certificate.
Reiki classes can be scheduled Monday through Saturday.
There are various schools and methods of hands on healing. Usui Traditional Reiki, also
called Usui Reiki Ryoho, is probably the closest to the method Hawayo Takata originally
brought to the west from Japan.
The  Reiki classes are based on the Usui System of natural healing.
You will receive the first level attunement
History of Reiki
How Reiki works
Instruction on Reiki hand positions for self and others
Chakra balancing techniques
Giving of a full Reiki treatment
Begins at 10:30 am and concludes around 4:00 pm
In the second degree class, you will be given a higher level attunement and instruction
regarding the Reiki symbols. You will learn how to use the symbols to:
Increase the power and energy of Reiki
Physically protect self and others
Heal emotional and mental blockages
Change unwanted habits
Send Reiki to others at a distance
Additional techniques taught including scanning, beaming and manifesting.
Begins at 10:00 am and concludes around 4:00 pm
In the Advanced Reiki Training class, you will receive the Usui Master attunement. This
will increase the strength of your Reiki energy and enhance the effectiveness of the Reiki
second degree symbols. The Usui Master Symbol creates a powerful channel between
the physical self and the higher self, thus allowing more unlimited wisdom to manifest
directly on the physical plane. It generally brings about a greater feeling of wholeness
and empowerment.
You will receive the Usui Master symbol
You will be taught how to use psychic surgery
How to make and use a crystal grid for healing and manifesting
You will also learn how to use Reiki for manifesting and personal transformation
Work through and release any fears and blockages that might be holding you back
from reaching your full potential
Advanced chakra affirmations to bring about profound healing
How to align with your soul purpose
Reiki meditation to dissolve self-imposed limitations
Advanced Reiki teaches the importance of compassion and respecting the Oneness of
all life. This compassion is the beginning of living a full and conscious life. To live
consciously, you need the blending of wisdom, awareness, and compassion.
Begins at 10:00 am and concludes around 4:30 pm
In the Reiki Master/Teacher training class, you will receive the complete Usui/Tibetan
Master attunement. The third-degree attunement energy is pure joy and love. A Reiki
Master chooses to live in love. Love is an active force that can dissolve all self-imposed
limitations. A Reiki Master seeks to empower others and to help them find stable
happiness and fulfillment within themselves.
You will receive the Usui/Tibetan Master attunement
Full information and instructions on how to pass attunements
How attunements work
You will also receive information on the differences between the Usui and
Tibetan attunement methods
Valuable course material on how to live life honoring the sacred spiritual values
of a true Reiki Master
How to use specific Ancient Tibetan technology to further empower yourself,
your goals and the healing of planet earth
The importance of living life centered in love and compassion
You will receive all teaching information so that you have the ability to pass Reiki
onto others.
Begins at 10:00 am and concludes around 5:00 pm
If you are ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level, then I invite you to join
me in this beautiful and sacred experience. I look forward to sharing the magnificence of
Reiki with you.
Due to the demand we now also offer Reiki training with our home-study course.
There are many advantages of doing our Reiki On-line course:
You can become a Reiki practitioner in the comfort of your own home.
You can study in your own time and progress at a pace suitable to you without
interrupting a busy schedule or family routine.
You will receive on-going support while you're doing Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced
Training (ART) and Reiki Masters as well as after you've completed your
You will receive individual attention tailored to your unique needs
Our Reiki training manuals are comprehensive and distinctive.
Our Reiki Courses are written in a simple, clear, easy-to-understand style that you can
study at your own pace.
Reiki course manuals (emailed to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format).
Reiki distant attunements (see below)
Online support
On course completion, you will receive a Reiki certificate and follow up support to
help you integrate Reiki into your life.
Reiki is a natural method of healing and self-empowerment. Reiki techniques are simple
and easy to learn. The "attunement" process is what makes Reiki different from other
similar healing techniques. An attunement is a sacred initiation which can only be passed
on from Reiki Master/Teacher to the student. A distant Reiki Attunement will initiate
you into Reiki. Reiki is not limited by space or time and distant healing or a distant Reiki
Attunement is proven to be just as powerful and effective as healing and attunements
done in-person. Your attunements in Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Masters
Training will strengthen and enhance your connection to Reiki energy and begin your
healing journey towards wholeness.
After receiving the Reiki II attunement I have more awareness of living in the present
and I feel more responsible about my actions. It's really hard to express the joy and
happiness that Reiki has brought into my life. For the first time in my entire life I feel
that I can make difference. I am able to do something to help others achieve well-being .
Not only my closest ones… but whoever and wherever it may be. Thank you so much for
everything! Let divine light and love shine on you.
~ Smiljana, Croatia
I am just sending a little note about the energy exercises. I am truly amazed at the
magnetic force, in the beginning I wondered a bit about how it works. I must admit that
I truly felt it today. The force between my hands was amazing for me. Reiki Energy is
indeed powerful. Thank you again Bridget.
~ Yolanda, Saint Maarten
Reiki I or II Training: $125.00
Reiki Advanced Training: $185.00
Reiki Masters Training: $265.00
Reiki is continually changing and evolving. The origins of Reiki need to be honored
while at the same time respecting the changing world and changing needs of people and
May the path of Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) be one of
continuous growth and expansion. Learn to trust and follow your
deep desires and inspiration, as this will lead you towards the ultimate
fulfillment of your purpose on earth. Let your intuition guide you,
this is the path of miracles, of synergy and synchronicity, allow your
astonishing spiritual journey to unfold around it.