Tarot Readings

What Is The Tarot?

The Tarot was created in the 1430’s as an insight tool for discerning past, present and future events. At IndigoIntentions I use the Tarot to help spiritual seekers develop inner awareness and live a more conscious life.

The Tarot is structured as a symbolic map of consciousness containing ancient and sacred wisdom. Visually and symbolically it reveals the creative patterns and states of consciousness that appear in multiple existences across all cultures. Its seventy-eight cards represent archetypes of the inner and outer human experience with 22 Major Arcana cards corresponding to major life events or issues, and 56 Minor Arcana cards corresponding to more day-to-day issues.

How and When is a Tarot Reading Helpful?

Today’s lifestyle can feel fast, frantic, and stressful, leaving little energy and patience for events and circumstances that erupt beyond our control. This may leave us depleted and pull us off our life path where we lose touch with our innermost needs and desires. And that nagging neglect of our genuine life purpose can spawn inner-debate that escalates fear or confusion.

In times such as these, the Tarot can prepare you to take a risk, to trust, to move into fears, and with courage, leap empty handed into the Void. In this free fall of profound surrender, the Tarot reveals a landing pad with a three-fold foundation: your inner wisdom, faith in yourself, and clarity of higher purpose. Here you are in a much more favorable position to re-focus and re-direct your life path and achieve abundance and Self-Mastery by bringing an enlightened perspective of clarity, honesty and reassurance to any situation.

What Happens In a Tarot Reading?

As indicated above, Tarot is a very powerful tool for self-transformation. One of the main reasons it is so powerful is because it transcends thought, action and words. One of the ways it does this is by invoking subconscious spiritual, mental and emotional patterns into self-consciousness, allowing you to become present and aware of yourself. This self-awareness is a vital platform for transcending deeply held barriers to living a full and meaningful life.

During a Tarot reading, the cards hold and reflect your current “energy patterns” such as your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are creating your experience. The cards that are drawn (by either you or me depending on the type of reading performed) target what you believe, what you are hoping to achieve, and what is preventing or blocking your success. Whether your focus and concern involves love, business, finances, health or some other situation, the clarity offered by the Tarot Reading facilitates forward movement, realistic goal setting, and constructive and consistent action toward your dreams.



Mini Tarot Reading using a 5 card spread:


Tarot Reading 1 question $90.00
Deluxe Tarot Reading using Major and Minor Arcana:
Tarot Reading 3 question $120.00
In-depth and insightful Tarot consultations via phone:
30 minutes:  $95.00
60 minutes:  $140.00
Join Bridget for a 1 hour private Tarot consultation.
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