The Kaizen Method


Continuous Improvement One Step at a Time

The word Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “improvement” or “change for the better.”

The Kaizen way is a philosophy that focuses on gentle, continuous improvement.

Wouldn’t you rather take one tiny step towards your goals now than remain overwhelmed and stagnant?

Making changes in life can be overwhelming and trigger feelings of fear and failure. The small steps of Kaizen neutralize the brain’s fear response and instead stimulate rational thought and creativity.

Kaizen coaching encourages you to choose small, achievable goals. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning out your garage, Kaizen recommends that you start by taking just one box to the charity shop.

If you want to loose weight and begin an exercise routine but can’t seem to get going, then the Kaizen method advises you to find only 5 minutes in your day to exercise. You could do sit ups while you brew your coffee in the morning, or wait for your toast to pop. Small steps if taken continually over time will weaken the fear responses of your brain, and new neural pathways will form helping you to develop better habits. The fight/flight response will be weakened and you will be able to function effectively while changing your life without the fear of failure.

I am an experienced Kaizen coach and am excited to help you make changes in your life that will last. It is a natural, graceful method to help you achieve your goals and maintain excellence. The Kaizen approach is not a “band-aid” or a quick fix.  Small, steady progress is far more productive than harried, rushed or scattered action. Consistent steps in the right direction can lead you to worthy results and a life filled with purpose and meaning. Even though the steps you will be taking are small, what you’re striving for is not. Setting goals for good health, physical fitness, clutter-free living, or building loving relationships, or doing well in your career are worthy of your time, energy and attention. It can seem overwhelming at times trying to get all the areas of your life to fit together or achieve balance in both your career and family life. With Kaizen, you just need to stay focused on getting one small thing done each day, and by next year this time your life will have radically shifted.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.” – Lao Tzu