Coronavirus Update



Coronavirus Update 12/8/2020

A limited number of in-person sessions are now available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays!


Coronavirus Update 4/5/2020

Dear Clients, your health and safety is my priority. At this time, my studio is closed due to the escalating coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. I will send out updates as this situation evolves. Let us all wish for swift resolution to this health crisis!

At this time, I am offering sessions and Reiki training virtually, online or by phone.


Preventative Measures 3/19/2020

No doubt these are unprecedented times that call upon us to wake up, practice mindfulness, caring and sharing, communication and proactive effort to stave off fear and anxiety that can weaken our health and exacerbate tensions and suffering in our community. Choosing mindful action over fear is the biggest lesson for me as our nation and the world enters uncharted waters.

Since I am part of the broader health care industry, I will maintain my practice as long as possible, to ensure that each of you receive all the care that I am capable of rendering.

As such I have taken measures to ensure my studio is a safe haven with the lowest risk possible for exposure to infectious agents; lower than grocery stores, doctors offices, or any other place where the public gathers. These measures are listed below.
If you prefer not to come to my studio then please know that most services can be provided over the phone, through Skype or Zoom. Reiki can be practiced at a safe distance (distant Reiki sessions).
Peace and health to all of you! May these times deepen our connection to our higher selves, strengthen our connection with each other, and usher in a new age of Immunity Health through the mindful wellness steps that we are all taking at this this time.
Here are the steps I am taking to prevent the spread of and exposure to infectious agents:
  • I am working to contact each of you prior to your session to ensure your individual concerns are addressed.
  • I am asking everyone upon entry to my studio to hand sanitize.
  • My treatment room is cleaned professionally weekly.
  • Surfaces tables, chairs etc. are cleaned between clients.
  • Sheets and face coverings are always changed after each client and washed thoroughly with hot water.
  • I hand sanitize and wash hands before and after every session.
  • I am offering to work with gloves and a mask if clients request additional protection.
  • My facility is well-stocked with toilet paper and kleenex
I welcome you to communicate all questions and concerns regarding these measures so that we may all transform this time into a renaissance of Immune Health and Well-Being.  


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House Purification

Our homes represent an extension to our physical bodies and souls. They mirror our intentions and unintegrated aspects. A crowded mind reflects in a crowded home; a person that had chosen to mentally and emotionally remain in the past, will store different objects and decorations which, instead of grounding and centering that person in the present, they will send the owner of the home back in time, spiraling into frustration and nostalgia.

How we mind our homes echoes how we mind our bodies and spirits. If you want to bring harmony to your home and make this space work for you and not against you, cleansing your house is a ritual that should become a habit. As you wash your body, prepare your food and quiet down your mind through meditation or physical activity, the same concept applies to your home once you commit to changing its vibration.

Here are six suggestions for a thorough purification:

  • Declutter your home. The energy in your house needs to circulate in order to welcome abundance and good fortune your way. Donate or throw away the items that you no longer use.

  • Keep your space clean. Use the elements: fresh air and sun, and bring them into your living space. Widen your space by choosing lightful colors.

  • Use White-sage leaves or Palo Santo sticks for a deep cleansing. Burn the herbs and the wood anytime you need to raise the vibration in your space. Both White-Sage and Palo Santo have been used by indigenous tribes to enter a state of peace and clarity.

  • On a regular basis use frankincense and holy water. Burn the incense mostly in your bed-room or working room, if you have a built-in office. You can sprinkle holy water on your pillows and cushions, on your walls and doors. Use your intuition when performing these rituals.

  • If you are drawn to meditation or healing music, you can use powerful mantras for house restoration and protection. You can use recorded songs or chants or simply create your own music.

  • You can also invite a Reiki Master, a priest, a monk or any kind of healer for that matter, and ask them to do a purification ceremony into your home.

When you want to improve your living space, keep in mind that you are the master of your world. With a little patience and intuition, you can create a home that feels like a temple. Most importantly, observe the feeling that you have the moment you return home. Is your home aligned with your desires and potential? And if not, what can you do to improve the condition of your house?

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Thank You

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4 Ways Reiki Mastery Can Positively Influence Your Life

There are numerous spiritual practices out there. Working with light requires commitment and training, but the benefits of mastering the art of healing can enrich the realities of everyone involved in these kinds of processes. From mindfulness to yoga, angel therapy to Reiki, healers and apprentices spread awareness into their lives and the lives of others.

Therefore, what happens when you decide to walk such path? First of all, your perspective on your own identity and existence changes. You start to redesign your experience from inside out; you begin to explore the depths of your being, thus allowing your potential to manifest. You glow.

Reiki is a system that was discovered by the Japanese Monk, Mikao Usui. It is a spiritual practice that treats a wide variety of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ailments. Mikao Usui searched for the origins of healing used by Jesus and Buddha. After years of study and traveling, the founder of Reiki found a way to activate and direct light energy, in order to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Mikao Usui had over 2000 students and 21 professors trained in this practice by the time of his death, in 1926.

Reiki lovers, myself included, know that this therapy is a powerful one, as it involves working with Universal life-force energy. Once you begin investing your time and intention in learning this practice and addressing any present unbalances in yourself and others, the quality of your life drastically improves.

Here are 4 ways Reiki can positively improve your life:

  • You become more light-oriented, in a way that you leave behind negative patterns and enter a fresh new dimension of personal and spiritual growth.

  • You begin to treat yourself with respect and self-love

  • You develop mental discipline.

  • You can assist others and support them in their times of need.

Spiritual training is a must if you have consciously embarked on a journey towards self-completion. If you resonate with Reiki and get initiated in this system, expect wondrous happenings along your way.

What about you? Have you ever tried a Reiki session? Contact us today to schedule your Reiki session or to schedule a Reiki Workshop.

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Angel New Year Special

This is to announce our Special Angel Reading Offer that we are making on all 3 Question E-Mail Angel orders ($55.00) placed during the last week of January 2016 ( January 24th – January 31st).

When you order a 3 Question E-Mail Reading from us during the last week of January 2016, you will receive a FREE 1 Question E-Mail Angel Reading Gift Certificate to use by the end of February 2016 ( $30.00 value).

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer you this opportunity to connect with your special Angels as the New Year begins. Why not give yourself time this month to connect with your Angels on a deeper level so that peace, abundance and happiness find a home within your soul.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer and will send us your order today. We will look forward to hearing from you.

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Life Always Supports You!

“Mindfulness is not the path of chasing. It is the path of beautification. When flowers blossom, the fragrance spreads, and the bees come.” ―Amit Ray 

 Many people spend a lot of time second-guessing themselves? Maybe you are one of them? Do you often think “If only. . . .?”  or “I should have….” When a situation includes difficulties, you may tend to label it ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, or some other descriptive term for the situation. Many times good opportunities are right in front of you. You may be so focused on the negative that you miss the beauty, the opportunity right in front of your eyes.

You have probably heard the following, “Life supports you”, or maybe a friend tells you, “Things work out for the best.” By focusing your attention on how you are supported and the blessings already available to you, you invite even more good things into your life. Your life can overflow with fullness when you create harmony in your life by balancing your financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Inviting more into your life naturally expands your potential and opportunities. Begin to notice how life provides you with what you need to flourish and grow in the moment. It is a bit like that song by Mick Jagger – “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need.”

Each moment you stop and listen fully in the moment, you practice opening up to life. Notice how many times you focus on your lack or your insecurities. Pay attention to the times you see the glass half empty instead of half full.  By being aware of when and where you place energy on lack, loss or pain, you can stop, listen with your eyes, ears, heart and mind to then shift your focus to what is available.

For example, if you are grieving a loss of a loved one, a job, or some other loss, take time to grieve. You can recognize your sadness and pain as a part of the ever-changing flow of life. The grieving process is an opportunity to appreciate how your loved one, your job, or experience helped make you who you are in this moment.

After experiencing a loss, when you are able to do so, use a moment to appreciate the experiences you did have. Touch the love a special person shared with you and then do something to pass on loving kindness to others. You can use the time of loss to do something in honor of a loved one by sharing their wisdom or do something that would have made them smile. Honor a skill you gained from a lost job or a divorce by sharing your talents with others. Your grieving can be a part of your practice of aligning with the fullness of Life.

Have you daydreamed about living a more meaningful life or making a difference?  By shifting to action, you can begin to notice and appreciate the goodness present in your life. Pinpoint areas in your life that are working well and then build upon your successes. Shift your focus to living a life that reflects your personal values and deepest desires. Make time to enjoy your skills, talents and gifts as a way to tap into the abundance in your life. Take the resources present in your life and transform them into opportunities for growth and success.

One of the most available resources often overlooked is the earth upon which we stand. Yet, taking a moment to connect with nature is an easy way to experience abundance. For example, enjoy the beauty of a flower as a reflection of how to live. Flowers blossom in full glory without fanfare or applause or even a single thank you. They share their fragrances without a thought. Whether standing atop thorns, hanging in the air, or crawling upon the ground, they share their colors and fragrances. They tickle our noses and re-awaken memories. At the end, they open up completely losing their petals to the wind. They blossom for all — appreciated or not.

 What is exciting about blossoming as a human is the opportunity to experience gratitude and appreciation.  Being grateful is a special gift that comes with being human.  

You deserve to live a full and happy life. If you want to learn how to create a more abundant life, then we recommend our Life Coaching Sessions to help you create the life of your dreams. This is a wonderful time to commit to your own growth.


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Follow Your Bliss

When you follow your bliss you live in joy. You open yourself up to opportunities that are surrounding you. When you feel excited about sharing your life with those you love, your excitement, your passion, your joy and your bliss becomes contagious. Set the intention today to interlace more joy, love, laughter and happiness into your day. Choose to think thoughts that make you smile.

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I spotted a free Kindle book available today on Amazon: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: IMPROVE HEALTH, INCREASE ENERGY AND FEEL AMAZING WITH REIKI HEALING written by Justin Kase.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is curious  about Reiki and who is ready to discover the exciting and deeply rewarding world of Reiki. This book is nicely written and is a useful resource for beginners.  A wonderful and easy read!

You don’t need an Amazon Kindle to take advantage of this free offer. You can download Kindle books to your iPhones, select Blackberrys, Droids, iPads, Macs and PCs. Remember Amazon prices change often. Make sure to double check that the price is still showing as $0.00 before you download.

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We are Currently Experiencing a Very Busy Time at IndigoIntentions

We are currently experiencing a very busy time at IndigoIntentions and we are taking a bit longer than usual to complete orders. Please know that we appreciate and value your business and we will have your order completed as soon as possible – within 10 working days. Thank you!!


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Happiness Is A Choice!

What are you choosing?


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