Entering Your Heart Space: Emerging Into Authenticity

The Earth is once again experiencing an acceleration in her energy field on her path of personal Ascension and Evolution. For us, as humans on Earth, this provides another opportunity to accelerate our own personal growth. Archangel Michael brings us this information about the opening of our HEARTSPACE and emerging into AUTHENTICITY to assist us at this time. We are preparing to enter into full ALIGNMENT with our new energy bodies and become HEART-CENTRED BEINGS.

The Path to Love :Switching Off the Mind/Ego Complex and Hearing the Heart Again
In order to allow the emergence of your true essence and authentic nature as a being of love and creativity, you need to release what works against this realization. That part of you that believes in fear and scarcity and lack, and in abandonment and rejection and pain.

This part of you is the rational mind and its associated personality complex, the ego. Your rational mind needs to be busy, and will keep repeating to you the fear stories of all the other minds around you, on Television, Radio and in Newspapers. Until you switch it off – and start to listen to the broadcast of your HEART. Your heart will send you feelings of love, peace, serenity, compassion and acceptance. Now is then time to align with this message. Tell your mind that it was designed to assist your unfolding on earth, not to dominate it. Your mind is a fearful child – your heart is a wise and loving elder. Your heart speaks the truth of your soul. Far rather to follow the voice of your soul/heart, that speaks with Spirit and is guided in Love.

Emerging into Feeling and Authenticity
When you make this switch, you will begin to FEEL more than THINK. You may imagine that this will be wonderful – and well it should be. But most of you have repressed your feelings since you were children. Your parents, teachers and the culture in general told you what to think and feel, and so you switched off your authentic feeling voice – your heart- and repressed and denied your true feelings. They somehow were not “right” or “accepted” by those around you.

As adults, many of you are subject to ADDICTIONS: to drugs,alcohol,nicotine, food, televison, work, sex or even religion. All ways of avoiding feelings and authenticity in favor of escapism and other people’s ready-made solutions to your life.

As you once again “switch on” your heart voice, you may have to face many painful feelings that have been repressed for many years. Many of you may feel lingering DEPRESSION and SADNESS as you struggle to understand why you feel this way. These are authentic feelings, so not reject them or judge yourself. Rather understand that your soul is asking you to recognise these very old feelings relating to inauthenticity – and to clear them.

The process of clearance is through FORGIVENESS and allowing the emergence of VULNERABILITY and TENDERNESS in your life. Forgiveness will happen as you emerge into COMPASSION, for you will understand how we have all been taught to switch off the heart and follow the mind as a survival technique. Those who taught us to do this thought they were doing the best thing to help us to be “real” and “rational”. So we will not need to hold onto angers and resentments about the past as we move into this new and empowered space of FREEDOM to be who we authentically are.

Vulnerability and Tenderness; Becoming “Real”
We were brought up to believe that we need to be strong in order to survive and gain love and acceptance, and so we learn to repress any feelings that might represent “weakness” as we understand it. We are taught through movies and television soap operas that “love” involves heartbreak, rejection and abandonment, and as we experience these things, or imagine we do, we close our hearts and nurse our angers and hurts. But the true voice of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE says that these things are mind-created illusions, and that we only have to enter into our authentic being to experience the supportive and all-embracing love that surrounds us.

But to enter this HEARTSPACE we must be willing to be VULNERABLE. To show others who we truly are and to TRUST that they will accept us. Even if this acceptance is not forthcoming, being authentic and acting in integrity will release immense power in your psyche. It will allow you to truly FEEL your reality and act from a place of power rather then victimhood.

Emerging from Vulnerability is TENDERNESS, a deep feeling of compassion and acceptance. An understanding of your own vulnerability and that of others, producing gentleness and kindness and caring, no matter what the circumstances. And in this tenderness will arise a true understanding of the experience of love at the centre of all things, and that every experience is a gift of love and can be lived as such, without anger or hurt.

Tenderness and Vulnerability provide the bridges from one heart to another and create a space for SHARING and GROWTH.

The Bridge to Global Compassion
Once you have learned to master your own feelings through authenticity and acceptance, you will be asked to move to the next level. This is where you will experience the repressed feelings and sadness of the Planetary Collective Consciousness. Many Lightworkers and Crystal beings are today channelling the sadness of the collective through their bodies in order to assist the planet to release these emotions. And as each Lightworker enters into their own Heartspace and begins to act from authentic soul-motivated feelings, then humanity will once again REMEMBER how to love.

You will cease to live your lives as you do now, in a mad scramble for money, recognition and possessions. You will once again learn the value of human life, of people and animals, and plants – of the planet itself.

You will understand once again how valuable these things are because you will see once again how valuable you are.

When you cease to measure your worth through your achievements and what you consume or aquire, then you will understand that you are a vehicle for the loving, creative and sharing energies of your Soul and Spirit. You will once again begin to love, to dance, to sing – to truly be ALIVE.

Then you will fully enter into your inheritance as a Human Angel – Spirit in a Human Body.

by Celia Fenn

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