Study the lives of the great human 'Angels' who have lived. See what made them tick – what their priorities were – what they cared about

– Karen Goldman

Free Ebooks

Below are some ebooks that I am excited to share with you. Each of these books have touched my life in an inspiring and thought provoking way. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this Ancient Wisdom and the knowledge of the Masters that have gone before us.

Thought Vibration – The Law of Attraction in the Thought World (1906)
by William Atkinson

This is a powerful book on the mighty law that draws to us the things we desire or fear, that makes or mars our lives. He discusses the magnet-like power of attraction that he calls 'Thought Force' that we can use to manifest whatever we desire.

The Secret of Success (1907)
by William Atkinson

This is a short course of nine lessons on the application of the latent powers of the individual towards attainment of success in life. He reveals a secret "something else" that lies within every success seeker. In this story of 'attainment' he shows you how to apply Universal laws using your own individuality and uniqueness.

The Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles

This book focuses on the desire to live more abundantly and to become all that you are capable of becoming. True success in life is becoming what you want to be and this book shows you the way. There is a Science to getting rich and it is an exact science like algebra or arithmetic. This book explains the 'certain way' to manifest such abundance.

The Power of Thought
by Henry T. Hamblin

Another MindPower classic. "What a Man thinks, he becomes; what a man thinks is the mainspring of all his actions; what a man thinks attracts to him his circumstances and environment."

Prosperity through Thought Force
by Bruce MacLelland

This magical little book tells how one man, of less than average ability, and who had repeatedly failed in his attempts to be successful, discovered and began using Universal Principles. By doing so he was able to totally turn his life around. He shares how to use these Universal Principles in your own life.

The Symbolism of the Tarot
by P.D. Ouspensky

This e-book is a fascinating and exciting journey through the Main Arcana of the Tarot and provides us with an empowering system of using Symbols, Archetypes, colors, images and an intrinsic language of the collective consciousness to get in touch with our personal dreams and destiny. Join us as we embark on this soul-searching adventure!

As A Man Thinketh
by James Allen

On a rainy summer afternoon while I was visiting Glastonbury, England, I came across this magical little book in a funky secondhand bookstore. It is a brilliant book, full of insights and life changing advice on how to consciously create the life of your dreams using the power of your mind. James Allen's exhilarating words will show you the staggering array of possibilities available to you when you align your thoughts with intention. Written in 1902 this book shares life-changing wisdom crucial for living a meaningful life today!


You create your own Universe as you go along.

– Winston Churchill