Angel of New Beginnings

“Angels help you find your wings no matter where or when you think you may have lost them.”

As we approach the end of January it is important to acknowledge the accomplishments we have made this month. January is the month of new beginnings, setting goals for the New Year, making lists of all we wish to achieve and believing in the infinite possibilities that the New Year will bring. It is a month of unlimited potential.

Often by the time February rolls around, we begin to feel a little less confident in all we set out to achieve! As we get back into our daily routine, it is helpful to remember that every little step we take along the way is vital in achieving the end result that we desire. Every daily effort we make in the direction of our dream counts. No matter how small and insignificant it may seem at the time. Always believe in yourself and the power of your dreams!

Sometimes in life, we need that extra push in the right direction or some encouragement– this is where the Angel of New Beginnings can help.


This exquisite Angel protects all that is new, tender and young. She lovingly watches over everything and everyone during the early stages of growth providing extra care, nurturing and encouragement.
Call on this special Angel to help you with your goals, dreams and desires for the coming year. She will lovingly assist you with new beginnings, be it a relationship, a new career, a new city, a new project or a new year!  This Angel will gently guide all that is vulnerable, fragile, new and delicate until stability, strength and maturity is achieved.

Let’s make 2007 a year to live big, to manifest all our dreams and accomplish all our goals. Know that the Angel of New Beginnings is lovingly guiding all that ask for her help. She encourages us to be all we can be and to joyfully live life to the fullest. This Angel provides us with a solid foundation on which to build our dreams and nurture them into reality.
Know that all you desire for yourself over the next 12 months is lovingly blessed by this attentive and caring Angel.  Know that you are blessed!

“He who has achieved success has worked well, laughed often and loved much.”

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