Gifts from the Angels and How to Ask

Angels are messengers of love, they are such high frequency beings, very few people ever see or hear them. So they make their presence known in other ways.

Little white feathers are their symbols, so if an angel wants to draw your attention to the fact that it is there, it will leave a little white feather in an unexpected place.

Dee phoned me up to tell me this story. She had been to an angel workshop and everyone around her seemed to be getting messages and were feeling wrapped in angel wings and yet she felt nothing. Despite this, she knew the angels were there, so she asked the angels to come into her dreams that night. Still she received nothing. Feeling very cross, she thought it was most unfair that she was the only one that the angels would not respond to. At the time, she was studying the Course in Miracles, so she picked it up and opened it. There, in her page for the day, was a little white feather!

If you know someone who is skeptical about angels, do not waste time and energy in persuading them of something they are not ready to believe. Angels have far more effective ways of drawing their presence to their attention. A friend of mine, Ann, went for a walk with a skeptical friend. When Ann talked to her about angels, she laughed sarcastically. Ann quietly mentioned that their symbol was a little white feather, which they would produce to remind you they really are there.

They paused at the end of a path to lean against a gate to admire the view. Out of nowhere a small white feather dropped from a clear blue sky and landed gently in her friend’s upturned hand. Ann told me that her friend’s eyes shone with wonder as she looked at it.

A businessman called Robert phoned me one evening to tell me this intriguing story. He had been reading an angel book at his gym, when suddenly he felt pulled out of his body and taken into the Angelic Kingdom. He felt filled with joy and ecstasy and totally overwhelmed by the beauty and sense of love of the angelic presences. Then he returned to his body. Luckily his personal trainer was a very spiritual man who was able to help him come to terms with his extraordinary experience. As he left the gym, he bumped into an old friend he had not seen for many years. This man was a medium, who gasped when he saw him and said. ‘Oh, you’ve been with the angels. Your aura is full of feathers.’

Whatever the circumstance, angels have a perfect way of reminding you they are there, bringing comfort, hope and help. For many years Merity stayed for a week in the same bed and breakfast each summer. One year there was a great sadness over the house as the landlady’s fourteen-year-old son was ill. Merity had not seen him and did not realise how ill he was, until one of the landlady’s friends passed her on the stairs and whispered. ‘Not long to go, I’m afraid.’

For the first time Merity realized he was dying. She went to her room and lit a candle. Then she prayed for him and asked the angels to look after his spirit. Afterwards she went to the window and looked out. A beautiful cloud formed in the perfect shape of an angel. Even the feathers in the wings were defined. She said ‘thank you’ to the angels and the cloud dispersed. The boy died two days later and she knew that the angels were with him. Angels always come to help you when you pass over but it is lovely to have a clear reminder of their presence. Sometimes angels give you physical objects to remind you they are there helping you.

Nina Dickerson was living in Italy with her husband. He had been under considerable stress and was very ill. Most of the friends who had been her support system had moved away and she felt alone and quite desperate. The weather was sizzling hot and they both felt frazzled. Added to that they were in the process of moving country and were collecting boxes in which to pack their belongings. One morning as her husband picked up a box and put it into the car to take home, she closed her eyes and asked for a sign for both of them.

They drove home and hurried into the cool of the house. Later her husband went to fetch the box from the car. ‘Look’, he called to her. There in the bottom of the box were two little china angels with golden wings.’ She knew it was the sign she had asked for, she felt and they still sit on her window-sill as a reminder. Indeed from that time the tide of her life turned. She now holds angel classes herself and has helped many people to connect to the angels for help, healing and transformation.

Your Guardian Angel and other angels are always close to you, wanting to help, guide, inspire and heal you. Because you have free will they cannot step in to help unless you ask. So do make yourself calm and still and ask for help whenever you need it. It does not matter whether you ask for something big or small, as long as it is for your highest good and that of everyone involved, they will do what they can within spiritual law to bring it about. Acknowledge the angels when you see a little white feather. If you see a cluster of them or several in a line, take special notice. The angels are around you in force.

Angel Exercise
Draw a feather on a piece of paper and write a wish in it. Ask the angels to bless it. Hold the paper feather and repeat your wish every night for a week. Then let it go and burn or bury the feather. If it is for the highest good the angels will bring your wish about.

By Diana Cooper

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