Coronavirus Update



Coronavirus Update 12/8/2020

A limited number of in-person sessions are now available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays!


Coronavirus Update 4/5/2020

Dear Clients, your health and safety is my priority. At this time, my studio is closed due to the escalating coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. I will send out updates as this situation evolves. Let us all wish for swift resolution to this health crisis!

At this time, I am offering sessions and Reiki training virtually, online or by phone.


Preventative Measures 3/19/2020

No doubt these are unprecedented times that call upon us to wake up, practice mindfulness, caring and sharing, communication and proactive effort to stave off fear and anxiety that can weaken our health and exacerbate tensions and suffering in our community. Choosing mindful action over fear is the biggest lesson for me as our nation and the world enters uncharted waters.

Since I am part of the broader health care industry, I will maintain my practice as long as possible, to ensure that each of you receive all the care that I am capable of rendering.

As such I have taken measures to ensure my studio is a safe haven with the lowest risk possible for exposure to infectious agents; lower than grocery stores, doctors offices, or any other place where the public gathers. These measures are listed below.
If you prefer not to come to my studio then please know that most services can be provided over the phone, through Skype or Zoom. Reiki can be practiced at a safe distance (distant Reiki sessions).
Peace and health to all of you! May these times deepen our connection to our higher selves, strengthen our connection with each other, and usher in a new age of Immunity Health through the mindful wellness steps that we are all taking at this this time.
Here are the steps I am taking to prevent the spread of and exposure to infectious agents:
  • I am working to contact each of you prior to your session to ensure your individual concerns are addressed.
  • I am asking everyone upon entry to my studio to hand sanitize.
  • My treatment room is cleaned professionally weekly.
  • Surfaces tables, chairs etc. are cleaned between clients.
  • Sheets and face coverings are always changed after each client and washed thoroughly with hot water.
  • I hand sanitize and wash hands before and after every session.
  • I am offering to work with gloves and a mask if clients request additional protection.
  • My facility is well-stocked with toilet paper and kleenex
I welcome you to communicate all questions and concerns regarding these measures so that we may all transform this time into a renaissance of Immune Health and Well-Being.  


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