Holding Grudges, Holds You Back!

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.  ~Mark Twain

Most people hold onto an unwillingness to forgive themselves and struggle with accepting their humanness. Once you forgive yourself and accept your imperfections, it is easier to accept the imperfections of others.

Learning the art of forgiveness involves releasing resentment towards those closest to you. Often it is our closest family members that we have the most resentment and anger towards. They are the people we blame when our life is not working out the way we planned it to. Parents, spouses and children are often at the receiving end of our negative actions triggered by our fears and hurts.

This includes forgiving anyone who has ever done anything against you. It may be justified to feel angry towards them. Maybe legally and intellectually you have every right to be mad. However holding a grudge towards others will only hinder your progress on your spiritual path.

Some people may also need to forgive God. Often people blame God for the suffering they endure and for the struggles in their life, the death of a child, the break-up of a marriage, illness or financial troubles. Consciously or unconsciously they believe that the pain is inflicted by God.

To life a conscious and aware life it is imperative that you take full responsibility for the life you have created for yourself. Only once you let go of the blame, the hurt and the deep-seated resentment, will you start to see miracles happening in your life.

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