Now You Can Live Fearlessly With the Help of the Tarot

The Tarot cards are a powerful transformational tool that can help you live a life free from fear, worry and anxiety. Over the past 17 years of doing Tarot readings for clients, I have noticed a certain pattern emerging time-after-time. Most people carry around a lot of fear, such as fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, having no money, or getting cancer. Fear can sabotage your goals and dreams unless you take steps to control and counter it.

 The Tarot cards offer you a symbolic map of consciousness that exposes visually the creative ideas and levels of consciousness that are present in all cultures. The journey through the Tarot represents a journey through life, it teaches you that life is constantly changing and you are here to realize and honor your own, unique individual path.

The Tarot cards contain symbols that are keys to help you unlock your creativity and delve deeper into the wonderful mysteries of life. Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-reflection, and understanding the deeper meaning of the circumstances in your life. The Tarot deck psychologically reveals different visual pictures of psychological states and these can provide you with great insight into designing a fulfilling life which is free from fear.

The Tarot will show you how to live your life fearlessly and with great freedom:

  • The Tarot journey teaches you to lean into the cycles of life, trusting that the pendulum will always swing, and each one of us will experience the highs and lows of life. The important lesson is to stay true to yourself, to your passion and do what brings out your creativity, joy and purpose for living. Remain focused on your passion and your contribution to others, instead of your fears.
  • The Tarot teaches that your life is created more around what you feel about yourself. During a Tarot card reading, each feeling is symbolized by a card and each card appearing in your reading is a reflection of what is happening subconsciously. The Universe will always prove you right in your belief about yourself. The more loving and accepting you are towards yourself, the more outward events will reflect that. The more judgmental you are towards yourself, or the more fearful you are about taking risks or opening your heart to others, the more situations will match this.
  • The Tarot shows you how to trust the process of life and live fearlessly by always remaining true to yourself no matter what.  Fear will dissipate when you switch from trying to be positive about something you actually fear, such flying or public speaking, and instead just remain true to yourself through the process. The Tarot teaches you to follow your personal spiritual path and learn to trust and follow the promptings of your own inner being. When you live fearlessly, you begin to tap into your infinite self.
  • Living boldly requires that you choose to conduct your life by connecting with your own internal passion, bringing out a calm, tranquil quality to your life, which further inspires you to live a life of meaning and of unity.
  • When you release fear, a wonderful new state arises, the state of total allowing. This is the state where most significant change can occur. Drop your fears, and let yourself be you, no matter who you are, and embrace anything that makes you feel alive.

Living fearlessly with the help of the Tarot, will teach you how to give up on pursuing things that you feel you just have to get, or achieve, and instead open up and allow the cycles of life to happen, to embrace the dance of life, and to realize that the act of going after something often stems from fear.  The fear of not having what you truly want.

The art of self-reflection is a wonderful tool to help you realize what is truly important and valuable to you. Don’t focus on what’s lacking in your life because this will keep you stuck in fear and limitation. Let life move you towards what you want to experience. Expand your awareness by trusting and allowing new experiences instead of paying attention to your fears and what leaves you feeling unsatisfied and discontented.

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