Love your Money!

Money is neither good nor bad, it is energy. The way you choose to use your money determines the positive or negative impact it has on your life and the world around you. Money can be used as a positive force that benefits you and others. If you generate money in a way that benefits others, through raising their level of consciousness, or through serving and making a contribution, by always giving your best, respecting all life forms and by putting attention and awareness into what you do, you are making a contribution to the world and to your self. When you make the conscious choice to use money in ways that serve your highest purpose then you add light to your money. The more money that is made and spent with awareness and integrity, the more it becomes a force for goodness and healing in the world.

Start counting your blessings of financial abundance – no matter how much money you have today. A wise woman once said “Expressing your gratitude is not just a reactive emotion; it is also a causative energy.” When you count your blessings, when you are grateful for the money flowing into your life, you will bring more blessings into your life. The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe and when you apply it to money it clearly states that what you think about you bring about. So start to thank the universe for the money and financial resources you have in your life today.

The grateful mind is a great mind, and attracts
to it great things
."-  Plato

When you practice the art of gratitude it brings you to a place of giving and receiving. The flow of giving and receiving is important with money too. You may want to begin practicing being a superior receiver as well as a generous giver.  Money is more than just paper notes or coins. It is an energy that should be flowing freely to you and through you to help you materialize abundance on every level. Abundance is love and wisdom, your unique gifts and talents, money and material goods, whatever you need to fulfill and express your life purpose.

Gratitude acknowledges the abundance already present in your life, and, is an act of giving back to the universe. Abundance then becomes a natural by product of living in gratitude. A great place to start counting your financial blessings is by being grateful for all the opportunities that are flowing into your life to support you today.Begin to appreciate and notice all the comforts in your life, all the luxuries. Become aware of all those things that money can buy and that you get to enjoy. Notice how these things enrich your life and the lives of your family and friends.

Mary-Jane has been a life coaching client for the past four months. Her focus was on breaking through her blockages regarding money. She is a talented artist but feels uncomfortable charging for her work. Mary-Jane recently inherited some money from her great uncle. This was unexpected and came as a wonderful surprise. Being a kind spirited and generous woman, Mary-Jane wanted to use the money to bless her family and friends. After meditating and asking her Angels for guidance in how to use the money, she decided to rent a vacation home on the beautiful Florida Gulf coast for the summer months and invite her friends and family to come and enjoy the lovely coastal community of Grayton Beach. Mary-Jane extended this open invitation all through the summer and when it was time to pack up and head back home to prepare the kids for the new school year, she felt elated. This was the happiest summer of her life; she had so enjoyed sharing her unforeseen inheritance with others. Mary Jane said, "It is the experiences shared with others that enriches life and creates the best memories. I could have invested the money, set up a studio for my artwork, or bought myself a convertible, but the joy of watching other people having fun in the sun is far more valuable than any material possession.”  She also commented that this was one of the best experiences of her life, and she now feels as if she has broken through her barrier of lack and limitation. The summer months shared with others showed her that what you give out returns many times over. When you live in the space of gratitude, trust and love, nothing is impossible.

Sometimes our lives are so filled with beauty and unexpected blessings. These can come as a smile from a stranger, witnessing a sunset, a sloppy lick from a pet, or a friend taking you out for lunch. Pay attention to the wonder all around you. Life is filled with comforts and luxuries that often go unnoticed such as the house you live in, the food you eat, the car you drive and cell phones, computers etc.

Sometimes life surprises you. Begin to notice all your blessings, an unexpected windfall, such as a bonus, a gift, or just a sunny day. Be grateful for the times you find a solution to your money challenges or for an unexpected salary increase or generous tip from a client.  Thank the universe for having a rewarding career that allows you enough time and the financial resources to play and have fun with your family. When you love what you do, and you do what you love  – you will never work another day in your life!

Being able to handle your money wisely is also a gift. Having the health to work and earn money is a gift as well. Money is a big part of your life and you need to be on top of your finances. When you are in full control of your financial situation, other parts of your life will likely also improve.

Reflect upon all the times that you felt truly abundant. Write them down in a gratitude journal and give thanks. Count your blessings everyday. Notice the money flowing in to your life and give thanks every time you have sufficient money to buy what you need.

What you give out, is returned to you, in great avalanches of abundance. The possibility for creative abundance and way to generate money are endless. Follow your highest joy and become aware of what you are giving out!

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