The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred…..

I love to travel. Visiting new places, meeting interesting people and discovering the history, myth and magic of a special spot in the world is one of my delights. One such place is Glastonbury, England. It is a sacred and remarkable place, steeped in history and myth. It is a magical place for all who visit.

It is a beautiful summer morning in Glastonbury. We have booked into a quaint B&B and after breakfast we walk through the picturesque town of Glastonbury on our way to Chalice Well Gardens.

“There are many associations with Chalice Well covering centuries; it is a timeless and sacred place, full of legend, symbolism, and atmosphere, a place whose history has no beginning…………”

We walk up the pathway and through the gates. This is a beautiful and peaceful place. The summer flowers are in full bloom and the bumblebees are buzzing from flower to flower. What an abundance of flora for them to enjoy. These serene and stunning gardens are a wonderful example of life on all levels, connected and supporting each other in glory and oneness. We sit silently on the little wooden beach and observe nature in her full glory! Peaceful, miraculous, marvelous, flowing and vibrantly alive. At this moment, everything is perfect. All is in perfect harmony.

The Chalice Well at Glastonbury, in Somerset, England, has long been linked with healing properties. It is a place of healing, harmony, and deep tranquility. It is profoundly mystical. Pilgrims have journeyed to this sacred place for centuries. They saw the well as a gateway where the veils were thinner and communication between the worlds became possible. The waters of this holy well are known for their healing effect. It is here where the Goddess is loved and acknowledged for her wisdom and the healing she offers all her come here.

Chalice Well is found nestled beneath the towering Tor, a sacred hill which is one of the sacred sites in England. The water that flows from the well is pure and natural and has high iron content. The water has a red tint to it due to this. The Chalice Well is also associated with King Arthur, and his possible burial site can be found in the Abbey ruins. There are many special places to visit in this garden and it really is a marvelous experience. Throughout the garden are bench’s and secret coves for meditating. As we walk through the gates and along the winding path, we are in total awe of the peace, the bountiful display of flowers, the red-breasted robin perched on a branch of the mystical thorn tree, the fragrance of lavender and roses.

After filling our water bottles with some healing water from the well, we make our way to an angel bench. It is so tranquil meditating here in the warm sunshine. It is a holy and extraordinary experience, a feeling of being touched by angels.

The experience of visiting Glastonbury is otherworldly. Exceptionally moving, healing and pleasurable. Glastonbury holds the ancient, sacred feminine energy of the Great Goddess. If you visit this beautiful place, know that you too will be blessed in more ways than you can imagine. It is an experience that can not be put into words but needs to be felt. It will move you at a deep level as you visit the sacred sites of the Tor, Chalice Gardens, and the Abbey. I am grateful to all the wonderful people I have met in Glastonbury, thank you for making my time here even more precious! Glastonbury sure has a lot of self-actualized people that have chosen to make this wondrous place home! I think, together with the ancient sacred energy of her history and the present day population, Glastonbury holds a profound healing experience for all who pass through or who choose to make Glastonbury their permanent home.

Glastonbury is not just a historic, spiritually-stimulating place though – it’s a living town with a big mixture of people, a town treading on the tail of the new era.” “Glastonbury has a concentration of healers, teachers, therapists and environmentalists, many of them originators in their fields and highly experienced.”

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