Angels of Cancer 

The Crab and The Protector

June 22 – July 21

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and people born under this sun sign tend to be warm, caring and romantic individuals. They love the security that their family and home offer and they will lovingly protect and nurture what is dear to them. Cancer people are intuitive and because they are ruled by the Moon, they tend to be emotional and receptive. Cancer people have a strong desire to feel emotionally secure. They are generous, sympathetic and perceptive. The compassionate Cancer personality is best suited in a career which involves their nurturing ability or a career which provides support and encouragement and respects family values. Cancer is especially suited to divination work and they make excellent tarot councilors and personal coaches. People born under this sign are also well suited to the caring professions, nursing, psychology, homemaker, social worker or chef are all great career paths for the cancer personality to thrive and delight in.

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Colors: Silver and Green

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Stones and Crystals: Pearl, Moonstone and Ruby

Compatibility: Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus

The Angels of Cancer: Muriel, Nelchael and Melahel

The Angels of Cancer are warm, loving Angels who will bring a kind and gentle energy into your environment. Their main concern is to deliver a sense of stability, security and love into the home. These loyal and devoted Angels are especially drawn to homes where there are little children and animals. When called upon they can help ward off negative energies, protect the family and fill a home with love, laughter and peace. Cancer Angels will guide and shield the intuitive and intelligent souls born under this sun sign. These Angels will gently nudge you in the right direction where you can be of service to those around you through compassion and understanding. The Angels of Cancer will nurture your spirit and provide a feeling of expansion and emotional freedom by teaching you the important lesson of awareness and getting in touch with your deep seated emotions. These inspiring and passionate Angels will offer their guidance to anyone who calls on them for help.

Call on the Angels of Cancer to assist you in creating a happy home and family. They teach you about the values of a close family and maintaining loving relationships with those dear to you. These kindhearted Angels remind you to make time for family and friends and to slow down and to get in touch with your heartfelt feelings and desires. They encourage one to take some time out and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as reading poetry, spending an afternoon at the lake and watching small children play are some simple pleasures the Angels of Cancer encourage you to enjoy. Their advice is to spend time in nature, meditate, connect with your true feelings and share your time generously with those you love. The Angels of Cancer love romance and they will infuse relationships with passion, excitement and love. They will also assist partners in expressing emotions honestly. These Angels will liven up any relationship.


Take a few deep breaths and imagine that you are walking on the beach. It is a beautiful, calm and balmy night and as you walk along the seashore you watch the moon rise above the horizon. It is full moon and the rays dance across the turquoise and dark blue ocean. It feels so peaceful walking along the beach at night, the crowds have left and all that remains as a reminder of the fun-filled day at the beach are a few sandcastles which are now being washed away by the ocean as the tide comes in.

In the distance you can hear the sounds of laughter and joy as others are enjoying their evening meal with family and close friends. You walk quietly along, listening to the sound of the waves, the air is warm and you can feel a cool breeze blowing in from the ocean. You make your way to the end of the beach where a rocky area, a tidal pool and the lighthouse stands. This is your sacred place and this is where you go to connect with the Angels of Cancer. After a busy day, it’s a wonderful feeling to connect with these warm and nurturing Angels. You make your way to the tidal pool and find a rock to sit comfortably on. You can smell the magnificent scent of jasmine and you know close by the night jasmine is in full bloom.

The Angels of Cancer approach you and wrap you in their large and protective wings. Here in this moment, all your concerns melt away and you know in your heart that you are lovingly protected by the Angels. All is well and you trust that your life is divinely guided. You count your many blessings and feel so grateful for your comfortable home and the love you share with your family. You now understand the importance of love and gratitude in your life and how it can turn a house into a home, a stranger into a friend and a challenge into an opportunity. You fully realize the true value and meaning in life comes from giving and receiving love. You now understand that love is a creative energy and it keeps expanding and expanding.

Being in gratitude and giving thanks for your many blessings is a high-energy frequency and brings about positive emotions such as joy, peace, compassion and contentment. Living life from this higher level of consciousness will keep you connected with your Higher Self, your Angels and spiritual guides. The message from the Angels of Cancer is to live in love and gratitude. Practice loving kindness and show compassion to every living thing!

You prepare to leave this sacred place. Your heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for the special connection you share with these kind Angels. You feel truly blessed and supported by the Angels of Cancer and you know you can return here any time you need some extra nurturing and care. Thank you Angels of Cancer!   ALL IS WELL – you are lovingly guided by the Angels.

Some Famous Cancer People: Julius Caesar , Meryl Streep,  Nelson Mandela,  Alfred Kinsey, Princess Diana, Alexander the Great

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