Are you an Indigo Child?

Indigo children are a set of children having certain special psychological and spiritual attributes. These children were first popularized in the book "Indigo Children" written by the husband and wife team, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, with the contribution of medical doctors, psychologists and parents. The adjective "indigo" is used because it is claimed these children appear with an indigo-hued aura. (source:

I often hear this during my readings with clients "Am I, or is my child an Indigo? " or "How can you tell if you are an Indigo?"

Take our quiz below to find out and learn more about Indigo Children:

Indigo Quiz:

1. Do you feel out of place in today's world?

2. Do you perceive the world very differently from most of the people you know?

3. Do you possess a deep desire to help the world by contributing or being of service in some way?

4. Are you prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares or difficulties falling asleep?

5. Do you have difficulty conforming to the ways and norms of society?

6. Do you feel frustration at the thought of leading an average life i.e. marriage, 2 children, picket white fence syndrome?

7. Are you intelligent although do not/did not necessarily achieve top grades at school?

8. Are you very creative in the areas of art, music, science and/or technology?

9. Do you have several on-going projects at any given time and often multi-task?

10. Do you have difficulty with authority: do you need to understand the reason behind what you're being asked to do?

11. Do you opt for leadership positions or working on your own rather than taking a team position?

12. Do you have enormous empathy for others, yet are intolerant of stupidity?

13. Have you had psychic experiences from an early age?

14. Do you have an intense interest in spiritual matters?

15. Do you have food or environmental sensitivities?

16. Do you feel frustrated even hopeless at the 'old' ways of doing things in education, politics or medicine?

17. Do you feel there is a better way of doing things but don't know how to make a difference in the world?

18. Do you have a strong intuition or knowledge of things that are unexplainable or do you often have a feeling that something is about to happen?

19. Do you feel annoyed when you are around superficial people?

20. Do you have an intense desire for truth and honesty?

21. Can you easily see through people's hidden agendas and facades?

22. Do you have an awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities?

Please Note: To be an Indigo you typically will answer Yes to all or at least 20 of the 22 questions.


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