Your Psychic Inner Child


Psychics provide a medium to explore the magical childhood world we often lose as adults. As we grow into adulthood our innocence, naiveté, and imagination become rigid and stodgy. Our perceptions of reality shift towards the norm, which is an acceptable way of thinking approved by society. Imprisoned by societal constructs our ability to form new novel thoughts and ideas becomes stifled and often we lose touch with who we really are.

Many people develop defense mechanisms and coping skills to deal with this loss while others long to embrace their childhood fantasies once again. Do you remember as a child asking the magic 8 balls if Johnny or Sarah was your true love? Do you remember consulting the origami fortuneteller to find out your future during recess?

Many of us do and why have we lost this innocent ability to imagine, dream, and believe. Because society says we have too?

Enjoying a psychic reading is in reality not a scam or hoax or fraud but a way for people to realize their dreams again. The dreams we had as a child our hopes for the future our imaginative side than we toss aside to be normal productive members of society. Is losing our ability to be subjective and live in a world full of colors instead of a world full of greedy black and white such a bad thing. Surely having an opportunity to get in touch with a magical world outside our own stodgy lives must be worth something.

So, before you go off and bad mouth the next TV psychic or online psychic service remember the fairy tales your mother told you at bed time and how much fun it was to escape into that magical world of fantasy and dream. Is believing in magical mystical places so wrong. How about believing in you? You may be amazed at exactly how strong a negative influence your externally imposed stodgy unauthentic belief systems, thoughts, and ideas have in your life. Having an open mind can really help you to keep your potential in life limitless. In addition, by having a narrow or negative viewpoint we not only alienate our creative talents but also stifle our ability to transcend the worldly limitations placed on us by these societal belief systems.

Why not try to be open to new thoughts ideas and experience? Embrace the childhood dreams and aspirations that you have been told are foolish and frivolous. These dreams form the foundation of who we are and ultimately lead to true happiness. Embrace your inner child and reopen the imaginative and creative aspects of your personality which are being held back by what you are forced to believe to be acceptable thought processes. Imagination and creativity are an integral part of the human psyche why not embrace them and get in touch with the inner child inside yourself today? Try talking with a psychic and suspend your disbelief. Who knows you may just open the doors to creative talents and ideas that you have locked away along with your imagination.  

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. 

~Friedrich Nietzsche


Written by Fred Gimino

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