Beautiful Tropical Rainforests

It truly is an unique experience visiting Costa Rica.  It is a wonderful reminder of the beauty, abundance and richness of Mother Earth.

We tend to get caught up in our rush-around lives, forgetting the importance of taking care of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants.   Tortuguero National Park is located on the Caribbean Coast, and it is the fascination and love for the sea turtles that enticed me to this park. It is a prime nesting site for green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles, who come ashore to lay their eggs between the months of July and September.   We travel by boat to the village of Tortuguero  (a small village with no cars, only accessible by boat), this is one of the last great stands of rainforest in Central America. Our 2 hour boat ride along the vivid green waterways of the Caribbean, draped with helicomias and orchids is breathtaking! Tortuguero truly is a biological wonderland!

My husband, Gavin, and myself relax and enjoy a meditative state of mind as we glide along the waterways, surrounded by macaws, white faced monkeys, howler monkeys, toucans and butterflies. We are surrounded by beauty, in all its forms. I tune into the voice of the Angels. “The outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so focus on the beauty within yourself, your good qualities, your kindness and your talents. Whatever you give your attention to increases and expands. Everything and everyone is beautiful, learn to look for the beauty that is found within each soul. As you acknowledge the beauty that is around you, you will tune into the amazing wonder of yourself, others and the earth. Your vibration will align itself with that of beauty, and you will attract more beautiful things into your life.”

  It is so important to focus on the beautiful experiences of life!   “The more often you let yourself experience the beauty within and around you, the more often you will find Heaven.”    

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