Angel Babies

Birth of Venus

Sitting at my desk this early June morning – my attention keeps focusing on one of my Angel pictures hanging on my office wall.

The picture is the Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel. What a beautiful piece of Art work! It stirs within me feelings of bliss, joy, contentment, happiness, laughter and fun. This is the blessing, privilege and joy of  having children in our lives. They remind us to have fun – to laugh, to live for the moment and to trust that our needs will be taken care of.

I have noticed an increasing global awareness and interest in the spiritual lives of children, babies and even soul contact before conception. With the many wonderful pre-conception baby and children’s books available to us, we really can improve and make a huge difference in these little one’s lives. I would highly recommend the book “Magical Parents, Magical Child” by Michael Mendizza and Joseph Chilton Pearce. I have just finished reading this inspiring and thought provoking book I think it is a valuable tool for any Parent who has in their care these precious Angel babies.

As Parents involved in nurturing and nourishing the spirit of our children in this exciting time of worldly changes, remember always that you, your family and home are surrounded with the love and protection of Angel Wings.

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